8 Must-Have Features for an Ecommerce Website

Published On: July 1, 2020Categories: Ecommerce Development, SEO Services

The popularity of online shopping is increasing in modern times. Having an online platform to sell goods/services is important for product companies and retailers. For such e-commerce businesses, it is essential to attract customers through their website. Your e-commerce site should be attractive, relevant, and competitive to engage an online audience.

Top key features your e-commerce website should have

  1. User-friendly UX/UI designSimplicity should be the main goal while designing an e-commerce website. It should be user-friendly and allow customers to access the website with ease. Customers should find products they are looking for on the website easily without any complication while purchasing. If they find the process complicated, they might end up not buying the product due to poor customer experience. Customers prefer online shopping to save time. So, e-commerce websites need to improve user experience.
  2. Mobile-friendly websiteAround 50% of online shopping is done using mobile phones. In this way, e-commerce businesses might lose many of their customers if their website isn’t mobile optimized. Therefore, it is necessary to build a responsive website for a user-friendly experience.
  3. Live chat optionsThis a popular feature nowadays. When customers visit the website, they might have some queries regarding products or anything related to purchasing. But they don’t want to call the number mentioned on the website as it is time-consuming. That’s why it is imperative to have a live chat option to reply to the customers instantly.
  4. User reviewsNew shoppers can be attracted to your website through customer reviews. The potential customers will read reviews provided on the website and decide to buy the product. This will end up as a positive response because the majority of new customers read reviews before making any purchase. So, make sure you add reviews on your website that are helpful for the customers to make a decision.
  5. Search barThis is the must-have feature for every website, especially for e-commerce websites. When shoppers visit your website, they can find the information they are looking for easily using the search bar. The search bar should be more visible to the customers and make sure the product descriptions/details are accurate for all the products.
  6. Advanced payment optionsThis is an essential feature for e-commerce websites to offer easy-purchase options to customers. Technology has enabled shoppers to buy products with the click of a button. Many popular online payment options are available now. You have to understand the buyers and offer them the most effective solution.
  7. Security featuresOnline transactions have now become an indispensable part of our lives. This has also increased the risk of cybercrime. The online sellers should make sure that the customer information is protected and necessary steps should be taken to ensure privacy. The secure platform is the most important feature of e-commerce websites.
  8. High-resolution photosShoppers need to see high-resolution photos while they looking for products online. High-resolution photos and videos help the customers to choose better products and trigger them to buy those products.

If you want to grow your e-commerce business online, you need to design the website carefully. To know more about the must-haves for your e-commerce website, contact Vidushi InfoTech today!

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