Employee Reviews


Juhi Srivastava

I have started my career with VIT in 2009 and worked for 2 Years. I must say I have learned a lot and it helped me for future growth.
Vidushi just not give you good opportunity it’s also provide you very healthy and fun environment while working.
I had lots of fun while working and make life time friends. In short VIT is the platform where you can learn, grow and enjoy too.
It’s been honor to be part of Vidushi infotech and wishing all the best for success.

Vivek Pradhan

I am thankful to Suresh Sir for providing me an opportunity to work with Vidushi Infotech.It speaks great about a company who gives top emphasis in hiring young people directly from college and turn then into a professionals. I can bet every one would consider themselves to be lucky to be worked or working with Vidushi Infotech. This amazing company has very friendly environment which helps new and experienced employee to work together in complete harmony towards a constructive path. Suresh Sir gave direction to my life by hiring me and considering me worth to be part of his creation.
Thank you Suresh Sir and all my seniors for great support and guidance. My special thanks to Girish for being a great human being and my mentor. Will cherish all my memories from VIT days.

Juhi Bhanarkar

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suresh sir, I can still recall all my memories with Vidushi because I always felt inseperable from it. Vidushi was like a stepping stone for my career where I grew, I mature, I learnt, I experiment, I excel in my field.
Vidushi is a company with a very systematic and organised environment.It is a great company to work with where you will earn profound exposure and invaluable experience!I really miss the entire team of Vidushi. Vidushi is a company with a very systematic and organised environment.
It gives immense opportunities for everyone who wants grow rapidly.I really miss the entire team of Vidushi.

Pravin Shirvale

It was a wonderful journey of 2.5 years with Vidushi Infotech SSP private limited . I would like to sincerely thanks everyone for their valuable cooperation extended to me, friendship made, opportunity offered and good time spent during this period. I still remain indebted to all my colleagues who have helped and extended their support to me during my tenure.
I would like to thank Mr. Suresh Prasad, director and Mrs Nalini Prasad for being my mentor & giving me the best opportunity in my service. I have learnt lots of values in professional and personal life & It has been great learning curve for me to mould my career. I got opportunity to work on different fronts during my tenure and it has helped me in a big way in enhancing my skills. It’s been great experience working with you all.
Once again big thanks to all of you and wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.
Wishing you and your family the best in 2015. Miss you all,

Roshan Kumar

"Vidushi Infotech is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills. I had joined Vidushi as a Web developer as well as Ranchi Team, on 10th June 2010 and had made many friends and collected some great memories which can never be forgot. Vidushi Infotech is the first organization that I had started my career.
I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. I truly appreciate to Raju Sir who has given me a platform to start my career. I feel very proud, I worked under Raju Sir that had helped me grow and enhance my skills.
I would like to say special thanks to Suresh sir and Vijay Sir who has provided a great work environment, and offers a sense of belonging to employees, which is conducive to future growth. If any friend truly interested in investing in your future, Vidushi Infotech can help you meet your goals."

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