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Amazon Seller Account Management Services


Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Our Amazon marketing agency in Pune India, does a careful audit of product listings, researches relevant keywords, works with Amazon’s character limits, and produces compelling product imagery. Our Amazon listing optimization services help to boosting the product with organic ranks, and sales and get you the highest return on investments.


Pricing Strategy & Testing

Our Amazon account management executives helps you decide prices to get more sales and profit success on the marketplace. Our team analyzes many pricing factors while listing a new product. We provide pricing strategies based on price skimming, market penetration pricing strategy, premium pricing, bundle pricing, and low-cost strategy that can drive more sales and increase profit margins. Our Amazon PPC management agency offers you a mix of products pricing on campaign types which includes sponsored products, sponsored brands and displays, and many more.


Amazon catalog management

Our Amazon product advertising services In Pune provide the right Amazon catalog management by preparing the product listing, category mapping, content creation, product review management, and pricing optimization on Amazon ad accounts which generate more sales and traffic and also rank at the top of the list.

Amazon Brand Registry Process

Vidushi helps you to enroll a brand in the brand registry process to become an active registered trademark. Our Amazon advertising services provide complete guidance on brand registry even if you are a new brand that is willing to sell on the marketplace so you
can gain better control over Amazon’s listing.


Amazon Suspension Appeal

Our team communicates with Amazon account representatives on your behalf, submits the necessary documentation, and addresses any issues. We assist in crafting a well-rounded Amazon suspension appeal with detailed information. Additionally, we implement best practices in Amazon marketing to proactively prevent the suspension of your account and enhance your business’s engagement rates.


Amazon ranking service

Under our optimizing Amazon listings process, we make page optimization based on the user  keyword search and its search volume which helps to rank your product listing on the marketplace. We handle Amazon accounts to achieve organic results, leading to profitable sales and higher ROI with conversion.


Amazon Advertising & PPC

Get started with our Amazon PPC advertising campaigns to grow your sales. We create Amazon product advertising with the help of a mix of strategies for running campaigns such as sponsored products, sponsored brands, and display and video ads on the Amazon marketplace. Our Amazon advertising agency in Pune India has provided profitable and result-oriented results to previous clients.


Amazon Brand Stores

Now with Amazon brand stores, browsing all products in your catalog is easy. Our experts work on designing and setting up attractive Amazon Brand Stores and through Amazon, A+ positions your business’s products for high exposure. We make use of sponsored brand ads and more to help you get to your customers. We give top-notch quality content including high-quality images and design to increase sales.


Amazon Reporting & Analytics

We keep you up to date with your business through our analytics. We give you daily, weekly, or monthly reports that show ROAS, ACoS, and PPC data. We also provide you with in-depth reports on FBA fees to help you know that there are no hidden costs.

Why Us?

Vidushi is CMMI Level 3 With 12+ years of experience trusted Amazon advertising agency in Pune India & award winning company. We are a leading Amazon PPC advertising service where we provide Amazon product listing, account management, campaign setup & advertising strategy to grow your online sell . Our Amazon advertising service cost is based on market standards with an affordable budget. We promote online products on the Amazon marketplace with organic & sponsored ads to boost your sales.  Hire our Amazon ad specialist  and get proven results and a better return on investment for your Amazon marketing. Vidushi Infotech has a large client base from the around the world.


Our certified Amazon advertising experts works with data driven strategy which drive targeted traffic to your product to get more sales. We are the partner company of WSI World.

We offer you Amazon Suspension Appeal, Amazon Advertising & PPC, Amazon Reporting & Analytics, Amazon Brand Stores, and more.
You can do that by optimizing your listings, sharing listings on social media, partnering with influencers, and more, so if you want help regarding that, we can help you promote your brand.
Yes! We do provide support and maintenance after delivery.
Yes! We do provide the necessary support for security.
Yes! If the project demands, then we make sure to provide you with a dedicated team.
Usually, it depends on the size, time, customization, and more to complete the project.
Through affiliate marketing, sponsored products, product display ads, sponsored brand campaigns, amazon stores, and more.
It has become a multinational chain that has products of every kind and most of the customers go to Amazon to buy any products hence it is important to attract your target customers through amazon marketing if you want that engagement.
Eligibility will happen if you have access to any one of these which includes a seller central account, a vendor central login, an advantage central login, a vendor express login, an invitation for vendor representation, and a KDP account.

Quick Tip Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some of the tips you can follow for Amazon marketing


  • Use the brand-specific keywords in your title
  • Add every detail of the product like benefits and features
  • Keep the content to only limited characters


  • Stuff your keywords
  • Add any kind of promotional statement
  • Give more details about your product