5 Common SEO Mistakes Content Marketers Make

Published On: May 9, 2016Categories: Content Marketing

If you are associated with SEO business and in spite of your tremendous effort you are not being able to cope up, it’s high time when you should start focusing on the mistakes that you did in the past or you are still doing it right now. Obstacles are bound to arise in any business, but your aim should be to overlook them and move ahead. You just need to choose the right path.

It is a fact that without any link authority, Google is not going to give your site any significance. But if despite of all your content marketing efforts, you are not getting expected results, then you must be making any of these five SEO mistakes:

Focusing on Likes instead of Links

Search engine optimization is not about getting likes, comments and shares and all, what matters the most is getting links. Getting influential bloggers to link to your site should be your primary objective for social campaigns.

Misplacing the Content

Relevant content needs a spot where it can attract the links to the main site, and where the links lead directly to the site and where the links to your main site won’t be no followed. Thus, social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, facebook serves as an ideal home for your content because it is a known fact that external links are no-followed. Third party sites like Huffington Post or BuzzFeed can also serve as an ideal spot because you are at the mercy of their guidelines as well as the number of competing links on page.

Targeting the wrong Audience

This is a common SEO mistake that marketers often do and they don’t realize so. From an SEO perspective, your audience is not your customers, they are the online influencers who have the authority in the eyes of Google. You need to find out those who can link back to you. If you are writing content for your customers, you are heading the wrong way.

Relevance is still a factor here. If you can earn links from a big site, it will definitely prove helpful to you. You need to create content that people want to link to. This signifies that sometimes you need to think outside the box and break out a bit from traditional approach to content. Creating remarkable content will let you reach your targeted audiences. Writing something unusual, refreshing and catchy will let you achieve success.

Stay Activity-Focused

Many SEO practitioners are task-oriented. They strongly believe that as because it is a practice, it should be on the to-do list. You must be having SEO to do list that are not necessary and should be removed; they will definitely not help the needle move.

Are they the second order activity for you? Meta descriptions would fit in that same category. They don’t influence your ranking and thus they don’t deserve to be prioritized up there with title tags.

Therefore, it is always better to create a big and hairy goal and ensure that your team is on board with the goal and is working hard to achieve it. Once the outcome is achieved, come up with a new goal.

No support from Power User

Power users are the secret weapon of a link builder. Power users are social media mavens, bloggers and celebrities with huge fan following on social media. The strength that power users can provide is game changing. All you need is power user in your pocket. It is sometimes difficult to choose the power user, but the power user can provide you with initial push that starts the effect you need to go viral. Make sure that you pay the power user because nothing is free in this world. You can consult a social media expert for power user.

Final Thoughts

If you are able to fight these mistakes while planning your business strategy, you can surely achieve what you dreamt for.

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