5 Essential Strategies to Improve Your Rankings

Published On: June 9, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing, PPC

Are you not happy with the SEO results of your website? Do you want to achieve more? As businesses have become more dependent on SEO, it’s high time when you should start working hard on SEO strategy. Many techniques that are used to be acceptable before are now considered as gray hat or black hat. This is to bring to your notice that in some cases, this can even earn for you a traffic throttling Google penalty.

No matter what, we all need links, traffic and ranking as well. But how to achieve this in an ethical manner? Here for you, we have sum up some essential strategies that needs to be executed the right way!

Guest Posting

Guest posting is considered as an increasingly effective way to build links. Guest bloggers are not at all concerned whether you derive value from the post or not, they only care about getting links. Instead of focusing on getting links, guest blogging can help with SEO. Posting in-depth content on relevant blog sites will generate authority and will help you get social shares along with the other signs of quality.

Beat your Competitors

It’s not that easy to become the champ but you can do so if you can get hold of the top spot from the person who is already ruling. You can do so with link building and SEO content marketing. Find out the content that is already doing well and go through it to understand why this content is creating impact amongst viewers. Once you are done with creating content, you should help it to reach out to right people. Also prepare a list of people who are interested in your content. This will help you reach to them easily.


Infographics can help your website acquire point quickly and instinctively. They can also help you generate high quality backlinks. To get your infographic in front of people, make use of infographic publishers. The free publisher landscape changes quickly, so ensure you are not putting your content on any dead sites. This is considered as one of the finest ways to get quality backlinks from a huge range of relevant sites.

Personal Blogs of the CEO

Blogging is the best medium so far to connect with readers. Blogs are written in a different way; different from what you see in a newspaper or magazine. Using personal blogs can be a great way to generate content. Blogs are a way to offer insights and they can make your website popular amongst all. It’s better to create team members blog and refer back to the company blog when it seems appropriate.


It’s not that you can’t improve the ranking of your website easily; all you need is to know the correct method and strategies that would help you reach your goal. Basically, it is all about leveraging content marketing to improve linkability. This can be done by social sharing or by using content to encourage linking. The more you work hard; the more you can drive up ranking. Hire Vidushi’s dedicated SEO expert for business requirements

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