5 Landing Page Pointers for Increasing Conversion Rate

Published On: July 25, 2013Categories: Uncategorized

A quality of your landing page is one of the significant factor that converts one-time reader to come back and visit the page again and be our prospective customers that in turns increases the overall conversion rate of your landing page.   Focusing on driving traffic is easy, but do you know how to convert those traffic into a successful business campaign? It is necessary that to tell your customer what to click and how to proceed. Here are the five pointers that will help you to know how to increase the conversion rate of your landing page.

  • Define Your Objectives: It is essential that you should plan out your business strategies according to your objective. For example, whether it is sales and marketing, data capture, and viral marketing, it is important to be clear and precise with your approach. This is a vital phase for your business campaign.
  • Know Your Audience: It is important to know who your audience are, so that you can target them effectively. Try to understand their requirements and accordingly provide the information. Provide a customized message to your customers which should be clear and authentic.
  • Get Your Design Right: When it comes to designing the landing page, then the main concern should be on the expectation of the customer and their requirements. You landing page should have a professional outlook and specific to the main message. A well designed landing page should highlight the main message on the top of the page, along with attractive images, informative videos, social media integration, and testimonials.
  • A Clear Call To Action: Make an clear call to your visitors and tell them what you want from them such as Sign up now, Download, Like us on Facebook, Buy now and Call us today.
  • Test, Measure and Tweak: Last but not the least, monitor the overall activities of your landing pages at regular intervals of time. It is recommended to perform incremental changes to test and measure the after-effects as well.

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