5 Sure Fire Techniques to Improve Brand Loyalty in Real Estate

Published On: May 13, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Be a Marketing Powerhouse!!! Learn Sure-Fire Techniques to Boost Customer Loyalty in Real Estate
In India, Real Estate is one of the fastest growing industries, crafting the startegic marketing as one of the important aspect to improve brand loyality; thereby engaging the potential costomers. Moreover, nurturing and extending the brand is vital, as it is a source of competitive leverage and high return over investment (ROI).

When it comes to maximizing your online presence, brand credibility and loyalty plays an important role to target the potential customers in the real estate market. Researchers proved that improving brand loyal customers is directly proportional to market share and growth rates. To successfully build brand recognition, real estate owners need to directly interact with the end users; thereby increasing the cash flow and reducing advertisement costs.

For real estate business owners, to stand out of the crowd- it’s essential to put together your time, energy and effort; therefore let’s have a look at 5 sure fire techniques to maximize your online brand presence.

Google AdWords Ad Extensions: Extend the reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions to drive huge amount of traffic. Earlier Generic ad copy and landing pages provide optimal search result, but now Google has created ‘Ad Extensions’ providing extra information about your products.

Google’s Display Network:According to the latest study, Google’s Display Network reaches over 90% of the Internet users worldwide. For real estate owners, If you’re plugged into Google’s Display Network, it will improve brand loyalty; thereby increasing the number of visitors.

YouTube Advertising:YouTube has emerged out as one of the most powerful social media tools for promoting business online; via uploading videos featuring latest news, offers and updates. Researchers concluded that approx 85% of the online customers search for real estate preference such as purchasing properties, renting properties and so on.

Remarketing:One of the latest and innovative style of marketing products and services to the customers across the globe. With remarketing, you can easily connect, share and review the brand; improving sales and conversion rate.

Mobile Audience:With Google’s mobile algorithm updating, it’s quite easy to search for information, while you are in a move.

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