5 Sure Fire Techniques to Maximize Your Online Brand Presence

Published On: April 24, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

In our last blog, we have discussed about different marketing components to unlock the brand authority puzzle; thereby improving the website’s natural search performance. Today, we will discuss one of its closely related topics- “Brand Promotion”, which is one of the ultimate marketing goals to target the potential audience in the e-marketplace. In-fact the continuous growth of digital evolution has made life quite difficult, especially for online business owners. But yes, if you are willing to stand out of the crowd, then you have to put in your time, energy and effort to promote your business online.

Here are 5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies To Improve Brand Promotion.

Google AdWords Ad Extensions: It’s essential to extend your reach with Google AdWords Ad Extensions. One of the proven methodologies to drive huge amount of traffic is through Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Traditionally, Generic ad copy and landing pages provide optimal search result, but nowadays things have changed drastically; Google has created ‘Ad Extensions’ with extra information about your products and services; leading to brand promotion. In addition, click-to-call buttons has also being added to the ad.

YouTube Advertising: You Tube is one of the largest search engines. Eventually, YouTube is a cost-effective promotional option for uploading promotional videos. According to the statistics, approx 90% of the online customers search for different products on YouTube. For audio and visual content, YouTube rules the internet

Google’s Display Network: As per the latest research, Google’s Display Network reaches over 90% of the Internet users worldwide. If you’re plugged into Google’s Display Network, then it will help to improve brand promotion; thereby extending your reach to the maximum.

Remarketing: One of the most innovative approach towards boosting sales and brand value. With remarketing, you can easily connect, share, and review the brand and their products; thereby improving the conversion rate.

Mobile Audience: Don’t Forget about the Mobile Audience. Google’s mobile algorithm update has improved the experience for searchers; thereby driving traffic to your website.

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