6 Ad Extensions for Improved AdWords CTR

Published On: June 5, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing, PPC

Who doesn’t want to get more clicks on their AdWords Ads? In the online marketing arena, there is no one who is not working towards increasing CTR. AdWords are an important tool that help a business to be found on Google, through prospective customer searches. Online marketing & Google AdWords function hand in hand, and a business vastly benefits from it. Today, we are here to share with you 6 Ad extensions, the implementation of which will help ramp up your CTR.

Being a PPC marketer, we are sure that you are aware of the fact, that before you begin to optimize you campaigns for conversions you are bound to get those clicks rolling in. If you fail to have enough volumes, it is not possible to perform the A/B test.

The primary step is to begin optimizing PPC ads for more clicks and begin sending more traffic to the landing page. Well! This goes unsaid that, when CTR increases, Cost-per- Click has higher chances of decreasing.

How to increase clicks? Is practically a question every PPC professional works hard to find an answer to? Below, we present to you the list of top 5 Ad extensions to be implemented to witness better results in CTR.

1. Site links:
The Numero uno Ad Extension is sitelinks, when your ad shows up on top three spots of Google search, sitelink extension can be shown. These basically appear as additional links, beneath the main Ad. Well! You don’t need to spend any extra buck here, but you still are offered more specific and relevant options to offer your prospects for a click. Sitelinks also help you take your visitors directly to the most relevant page. The best attribute about them is that they take up more space on Google results page, leading competitors and organic search listings to move further down.

2. Call Extensions:
Way back in 2013, Google had amended their editorial guidelines, since then a phone number was not permitted to be added in the headline or text of the ad. This gap is now bridged by an ad extension called, Call Extension. By activating this feature, you will be able to display the number of your choice underneath the ad as an additional free line. This feature helps you buy extra space for an ad copy and is a smart technique to catch eyeballs of searchers. Call extensions indeed are powerful, when they are shown up on mobile phones. This extension can be set in such a way, that it facilitates users to click on the displayed phone number and connect to you straight away from the ad. This ad extension is a great hack when websites fail to display well on mobile devices. Setting up the primary call-to-action on the landing page as call your phone number, works wonderfully.

3. Location:
This ad extension is like the call extensions, the only exception is that, instead of displaying the phone number, Google will display your physical location. This is a great feature for local stores that demand face to face interaction and want to increase the footfall to their location.

4. Callout Extensions:
When you aim at increasing visibility of ads, this undoubtedly is one of the most effective Ad extension. Additionally, only a few AdWords advertisers use image ads as their strategy. This being a fact, can be a great advantage for you. Activating Image ad extensions will facilitate the display of three images that will appear above the ads, featuring the product and brand. This ad extension at the same time, works towards improving visibility, branding and CTR. A tip to remember here is that, image extensions can only be added to ads in top position.

5. Reviews:
Well this ad extension refers to reviews by reputed media outlets and or blogs and not individual buyers. This is one more extension that is tricky to set up. To qualify for this ad extension, the URL of your webpage needs to contain the review, as a direct quote or a paraphrased version that is not more than 67 characters, inclusive of the source name. You also need to provide Google URL of third party site, where the review can be found. The same needs to be added on the landing page. Once this extension is activated, it will show the review quote as an additional line, below the ad.

6. Annotations or Structured Snippets:
(Annotations or Structured Snippets Annotations basically are additional text snippets that appear below an Ad.) Structured snippets allow your ads to highlight specific aspect of products & services. This ad extension creates and ambience on nature & variety of the offered products and services. The snippet functions by deciding on the type of information a potential customer may find most useful in terms of the offered products and services. Forward moving, the snippet selects a predefined header, which the user can then utilize to add specific details to call.

These top 5 Ad extensions, when implemented thoughtfully can make a noticeable difference in improving CTR. So, don’t forget to consider them, as they help speed up CTR.

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