6 Types of Keywords to Perk-Up Your SEO Strategy

Published On: July 1, 2016Categories: Social Media Marketing

Keywords play a very essential role in almost every aspect of SEO campaign; from on-site placement to link acquisition and prospecting. Knowing about the terms to target and the method to apply for targeting them will either produce better results or they may end up in a huge flop.

Therefore, categorizing your keywords will help in your link to reach the right community building online and this will result in relevant traffic to your site. This is the reason why we have come up with a list that includes the type of keywords which you should focus on to help your business prosper the best way.

Marketing Keywords

When talking about business, market-defining keywords play a crucial role. These phrases are broad and generic, and this is why they are harder to rank for and are extremely important. Market defining terms are critical in your on-page optimization and are helpful in jump-starting the content creation.

Using these broad terms to prospect for link community will bring in opportunities for the marketers to explore. Manual link building is not something that we should focus on now.

Customer-Defining Keywords

Customer defining keywords are the terms and phrases that customers make use of to define themselves. These types of keywords are important because they help you discover others who generally relate to your target audience. Some may be directly related to your customer base, and others may be in almost similar niche.

As you all know that SEO is all about creating a connection; customer-defining keywords will help you connect with those who are in search of your products and services.

Product Keywords

Product keywords define what you sell. When researching and listing out these terms, it is necessary to be specific. This will help you come across some great opportunities that will meet specific niches within your target customers segment. Product keywords are great for use on sites and are a great starting point for creating targeted content.

Competitors’ name

Competing company names are useful in disclosing how others report on and treat companies similar to yours. These terms are common for the industry thought leaders. Using such terms you will be able to see who are your competitors and what are they up to. You can simply check out the reviews to get a better idea of what you are up against.

Vertical Keywords

Vertical keywords are terms that can range from suppliers to customer industries. They need to have a strong connection with to your primary audience. Such terms are helpful in disclosing new prospects and building a strong community of like-minded individuals.

Geotargeted Keywords

Geotargeted keywords are basically the key for your local rankings. Your geotargeted keywords will help you target local prospects, and engage your company with sponsor. Local SEO is basically a powerful way to reach and influence your audience. When doing research for geotargeted terms, don’t stick to your own city or town. Expand your territory and get better results.


When it is about choosing keywords, the best you can do is research a lot and keep on trying to make the best out of it. The more you search, the more you will uncover and the more you will experience better results. Using such keywords, you will be able to build a community that will help drive your website the right way. Get in touch with Vidushi Infotech a leading SEO company in India for SEO services

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