7 Tips for Paid Social Media Marketers During COVID-19

Published On: April 17, 2020Categories: Uncategorized

Coronavirus has impacted our lifestyle and market drastically in the last few months. It has a larger impact on the businesses while the situation seems to continue until the COVID-19 slows down. For paid social marketers, it is possible to keep your businesses up to mark by building extraordinary strategies, keeping in mind the current scenario. Analyze the consumer requirement and plan what needs to be displayed in an advertisement.

Tips for paid marketers how to adapt during COVID-19 and plan strategies based on the ongoing crisis.

1. Be Mindful of Your Ads During Coronavirus

Be cautious of what is being displayed to the audience through ads. Because users are continuously keeping up with changes in social media, make sure you deliver the right content through ads. Ads must convey positivity and empathy during this crisis. Ensure how your brand can impact effectively keeping in mind the present scenario.

2. Understand Consumer Mindset During COVID-19 and its Impact on Creative

Think about consumer behaviour during this crisis and choose creative that is sensitive to the situation. Understand if the consumers need those products and services right now. How would they react if the ad pops up in their news feed? Consider these things before you choose your ads and creative.

3. Focus on social media campaigns

In the current situation, people aren’t allowed to move to other places. So, they are spending time online to search for products and services. This is an opportunity to target the local audience through social media campaigns. Make a shift in the social media campaigns to focus on the local audience to get higher sales for local businesses during the pandemic

4. Track Key Metrics Daily

Redefine your goals and performance during this crisis. Keep an eye on metrics outside the platform like the time spent on-site and sessions to figure out the impact of your brand on consumers. Consider a short time-frame that determines a more real-time look instead of larger time frames to get a clear view of the ongoing changes and trends. Your brand can perform better by shifting goals and focussing more on driving traffic and brand discovery.

5. Promote Video Ads

Videos present the information in a better way and so consumers who view videos are more likely to remember your brand. A few tips to consider while promoting video ads:

  • Advertise the best-performing videos i.e. the most engaging videos on your website, YouTube or any other social media platforms
  • Make sure the video is understandable without hearing it
  • Keep the video short, engaging and target the right audience

6. Consider the increase in Ad Review Times

Facebook reviews an ad before it is being posted. Currently, there is a cutdown in their workforce which has an impact on the ad review time. Consider these things:

  • Delay in review time
  • Increase in incorrect disapprovals
  • Delayed actions

It is recommended by Facebook to boost current ads that are best-performing videos instead of launching new ads to avoid ad approval delays.

7. Avoid Audience Testing on a Large-Scale

Keep in mind the COVID-19 impact on different businesses and consumers while testing a new audience. Don’t avoid the testing completely but be mindful that the results are suitable only during the current situation. Testing new creative and audience now would be beneficial in providing helpful insights and updating strategies for better performance.

Plan some new strategies to make your business run smoothly during this pandemic. If any queries, contact Vidushi Infotech today! We will be happy to help your business recover and find new opportunities to meet consumer needs.

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