8 Healthcare Marketing Trends 2015 Prescribed For Your Brand

Published On: August 6, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Within the last decade, we’ve gone varied from a world of pagers and cell phones that could only make calls, to finally smartphones that allow us to do everything that we can imagine. While technology is overtaking all other organization methods, healthcare industry is too one of the technologically conscious arenas across the globe. Healthcare industry is thriving faster than ever, in every aspect. With the onset of healthcare delivery systems for healthcare delivery, organizations in the medical and allied segments are experiencing enhanced healthcare delivery. Healthcare delivery is an evolving process comprising of a series of changes, each intended to ultimately improve the patient outcomes.

The latest industry insights highlight top trends and tools that will redefine healthcare all over again in 2015. Marketing, digital experience, and consumer needs – take a look at the below mentioned for each one of these. Incorporating these insights into your marketing practices will be of great help.

1. Digital Content: The Magic Bullet

Majority of today’s consumers, even before they book an appointment with physician, turn to Internet for their primary queries. This clearly highlights that there is a huge market just waiting on the Web to obtain the required information about healthcare brands and products. Instead of online ads that often go unnoticed; you can add the real value to your content.

Create compelling content to grab prospects’ attention
Develop consumer-focused, data-based content
Offer pieces of information offering expert advice
Share real-life customer experiences
Create an online community & invite consumers to connect with you there

2. Mobile Knows What Exactly Consumers Need

With the arrival of mobile, apps, and mobile tools, technology has attained greater momentum. Consumers nowadays can take their health in their own hands. Moreover, people are already using mobile devices to monitor their heart rate, weight, over all fitness levels, and other vital signs. Going mobile should top your marketing efforts list in 2015.

Find more mobile ways to engage your empowered consumers
Develop effective and crisp apps related to health concerns, treatment recommendations, and specialist referrals to be available at patients’ fingertips

3. Nothing Works Better Than Local Advertising

Local advertising has great potential to reach consumers. However, mobile now goes hand-in-hand with local advertising. Healthcare marketers can definitely send targeted content and customized coupons to the smartphones of people in a specific location.

Almost 62% of consumers share interesting local deals with their friends
Over 50% of them engage with location-based ads

4. Practice Instant Advertising

Surpass traditional advertising methods and enter the new era of instant advertising. The shift of ads from strictly intended to impromptu be further triggered by social media channels. Spur-of-the-moment ads connect you to sudden opportunities in your industry. Your advertising posts could be shared in record-breaking numbers on social media. Save tiring planning for months and costly media fees.

Focus on creating spur-of-the-moment ads
Stay on top of timely events
Craft off-the-cuff tie-ins

5. Use Social Media Platform To Reach Prospects

Consumers today ask for a voice in their healthcare choices. While social media are predicted to be a major trend in healthcare marketing 2015, you must know how to grab consumers to connect with your brand.

Find innovative ways to stay connected to customers
Make sure that you engage prospects

6. Provide Online Reviews For Physicians

Almost three-quarters of today’s consumers seem to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Favorable online reviews mean a lot to a healthcare brand ad providing the same on your online profile could add an extra value to your marketing efforts. They increase your brand’s visibility in search engines and enhance a practician’s credibility and reputation.

Set up a Google+ business page
Make sure that all information accurately represents the practice
Verify the page & encourage patients to post their reviews

7. Practice Testing To Know What’s Bothering Your Efforts

In-market testing of incomplete products has been a buzz these days. Testing helps you find out what exactly is ailing your marketing methods. It has been proved to improve conversion rates beyond expectations. The tactic of testing is definitely going to redefine the research in 2015, by simply shifting decisions from executives’ minds into consumers’ hands.

8. Make Your Digital Content Mobile-friendly

No one loves to read long and time consuming content just to know about a healthcare brand. Instead, make your messages short and crisp through an online video. Mobile users will definitely prefer such piece of information rather over usual web pages.

Develop a well-focused marketing strategy for your brand, using these tips. For expert assistance, feel free to reach Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultants!

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