A Guide to Create Your YouTube Channel

Published On: September 13, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing

Content marketing has a wide spectrum of opportunities. Various channels and variety of content on different websites, work just well. But one aspect closely observed by us, is the under estimated use of YouTube. It certainly is under-utilized, compared to its caliber.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing sites on the internet. If you manage to get over a billion users to your channel, you are bound to get over 4 billion views a day. Isn’t this ratio promising enough? In today’s era, YouTube is by far one of the largest video sharing site. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with YouTube & make the most of the digital world present at your discretion.

YouTube as a platform is such that, one in every means can find any type of audience. This boils down to a conclusion that, no matter what business you are into, marketing on YouTube can benefit anyway!

Let’s begin with understanding the gigantic YouTube ecosystem –

– More than 50 countries post content on YouTube in about 60 plus languages
– The mobile device alone gathers a million views on daily basis
– YouTube is accessed by about 17% of traffic on the internet
– YouTube holds the 2nd largest place in the race of search engines

Many businesses till date, believe “YouTube is expensive, when compared to the blog of the same topic. Well! It is. But the brighter part is that they are exposed to a broader set of audience, unlike a blog or any other video sharing platform. In fact, YouTube is far more saturated than any other video site and hence, it’s wise to invest in here.

Today, after considering YouTube as your premier choice for marketing, you feel that you’ve still not found stable feet, then this post is for you!

We begin with understanding key components of creating a YouTube channel, that helps businesses flourish. We’ll help you set up something that will garner views for your videos and the subscriptions will lead to sales.

Step #1: Content Is King Treat content strategy for YouTube, like how you would treat it for any other platform. While creating a YouTube channel, keep your target audience in mind. The more niche you define your audience, better will be the result. Here it is important to determine three main aspects
– Type of person
Know what type of person are you creating the content for, know who can be your target audience.
Example – businessmen, college going students etc.
– What your audience wants to do
Step two of the goal is to define, what exactly your audience plans to do with your product or service. Identify the goal.
– Ways they prefer to consume it
It’s necessary to know if the audience aims at receiving solutions in a video form.
Videos ideally are best for certain types of content like mentioned below –
– Tutorials
– Demos
– Overviews
– Product reviews
– Educative material etc.

While creating videos for YouTube, it’s important to have the best and workable permutation & combination. Once you’ve determined an audience with a specific need that potentially can be fulfilled with a video, sounds like a good step to move ahead.

Step #2 – Tips to Making Videos a Views Magnet
YouTube marketing is a skill. It’s in fact very like SEO. To garner views is one of the primary goals to rank on YouTube searches. The best trick to garner more & more views is by creating videos that people are looking forward to watch. Three main aspects of this point are jolted below & can add a considerable amount of potential in your videos –
– Have a video packed with entertainment
– No compromise on Quality
– Take efforts to establish yourself on this platform

Step #3 – Channel Structure
This is one of the most crucial steps that people generally tend to under estimate and pay very little attention to. To make the YouTube channel a success a simple DIY in creating the channel and posting videos under it is the first mistake people make.

Channel Structure stands as a base to retaining viewers and building more. This step plays an integral part in projecting your brand over the internet video platform.

To sum this up we recommend budding as well as established businesses to hire services from digital marketing companies, that have the resources and expertise. Taking this step will make your company and products more prominent on the internet establishing your brand & generating business.

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