All That You Need To Know About Google Analytics 360 Suite

Published On: April 4, 2016Categories: Google Analytics

It is a known fact now that Google has launched the Analytics 360 suite, challenging Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and other services. If you are in marketing, it would be easier for you to understand that consumer behavior brings in new opportunities to reach your customers in the right moment and with the right message. It has become really difficult today to get a proper view of the consumer journey and then finalize something. This is the reason why Google introduced the analytics suite, designed especially for the needs of enterprise class marketers.

Simple to Use

Modern marketers who make use of analytics platform are capable of achieving revenue goals easily with this analytic tool. Enterprise class marketers are always in demand of superior marketing analytics tools, but the problem is most of these tools are not strong enough and are poorly integrated. Several years ago, Google engineers started with simplifying web search with and users were highly benefited because of its performance. Google is planning to provide marketers the same utility.

What do the marketers want?

  • Complete customer journey
  • Useful information and not just data
  • Facilitate better sharing with the organization
  • Providing engaging experience to the right people

The Google Analytics Suite 360 is built to serve all these needs. The powerful set of products are unified and they provide a consistent user experience as well as cross data integration and plus services. Frankly speaking, it is a complete measurement platform. The suite is loaded with six products, four of which are brand new. It offers easy to use tools that enable sharing of data throughout an organization.

Google Audience Center:This data management platform helps marketers know their customers and find out more like them throughout channels, campaigns and devices. Besides offering native integration with Google, it is open to third party data providers.

Google Optimize 360: This product helps marketers provide better experiences. They can show consumer multiple variations of their website and choose the version that works better with audience.

Google Data Studio: This product assimilates data across all suite products, turning it into interactive reports and dashboards.

Google Tag Manager: This empowers enterprise marketers to move faster and take decisions in a better way and with confidence.

GA Premium: This will roll out new capabilities in the next few months as investments continue to grow. It will also help in analyzing customer data and integrate ad products to drive marketing effectiveness.

Adometry: This has been rebuilt to help advertisers’ value marketing investments and estimate budget with confidence.

Enjoy the Benefits of Google Media

The suite offers integration with third party data providers and platforms. Besides, it also plugs right into DoubleClick Digital and Google Adwords marketing. This signifies that marketers can turn analytics into action by blending their data from different sources and making ads more relevant.

Before concluding, let me tell you that this is just the beginning of the ongoing innovation in enterprise marketing analytics. Companies spend a lot on marketing, but it is really difficult to understand which dollars are working and which are not; the Analytics Suite will help you understand so.

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