Amazon SEO- Tips to Increase Product Visibility on Amazon

Published On: August 18, 2020Categories: SEO Services

For an eCommerce business, Amazon is considered more important than Google for marketing purposes. Amazon has more search volumes for products than Google. You need to know the right strategies for marketing on Amazon to drive customers. Placing the products on Amazon isn’t enough to generate sales. It would be best if you learned the techniques of Amazon SEO to improve your organic ranking.

Continuous optimization of product listing is the key to drive more sales to your business. Crucial factors to consider for improving organic Amazon rank include listing text, conversion text, and CTR (Click through Rate). You can reach out to Pune’s best SEO services to find out the right strategies for your eCommerce business.

How to increase product visibility on Amazon?

  1. Product titleProduct title is the key factor to increase your organic ranking. Select an appropriate title for your product that includes the product’s relevant details, mentioning the product name first. The title should be appealing to the eyes without overstuffing the keywords.

    Your product title must include:

    • Product
    • Brand
    • Material
    • Color
    • Quantity
  1. Product KeywordsChoose the best product keywords from your listing. Check out the most popular products from your category and list the keywords from there. Find out 3 or 4 successful products that are highly ranked in your category. Product reviews play an essential role in organic ranking, so choose products having the highest number of reviews and select relevant keywords. List the keywords and verify it using tools that give information about the search volume on Amazon. Follow the above steps to generate high volume traffic for your products.
  1. PricingBefore you decide your products’ prices, find out your competitors’ prices for similar products to get an idea of the most appropriate pricing for your product. Avoid creating larger gaps; it won’t attract the audience. Your pricing should match or beat the pricing of other businesses on Amazon. This practice will help you to select the perfect pricing and drive more sales.
  1. Product imagesHigh-quality images are a must to attract customers to your products. Amazon offers a zoom function to get a better idea of the products and select the best products. Therefore, it is essential to use large images, at least 1000 pixels (in height or width). Your sales will increase if you use these tactics and use images with higher pixels to influence the audience. These simple tricks will boost your sales on Amazon.
  1. Product ReviewsProduct reviews are an essential factor in increasing your reach and product rankings. While shopping on Amazon, the audience will read your products’ reviews before they buy your products. Positive reviews build trust among the customers and encourage them to buy your products. It also increases your product visibility and ranks you higher in search results. So, make sure you ask your customers to post a product review on Amazon.
  1. Backend search termsThese terms are included in the backend to increase the visibility of your product. Your products will appear more in the search results using these terms. The backend terms should consist of:
    • Keywords you couldn’t fit in the product title or description
    • Relevant words that you think people might search for related to your product
    • Misspelling of your product

Following these tips will positively affect your organic product visibility on Amazon. Get in touch with Vidushi Infotech Pune to learn more about the Amazon SEO services.

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