Are you Committing These 10 Mistakes in Google Adwords Account?

Published On: June 2, 2017Categories: Digital Marketing, PPC

Google Adwords is undoubtedly an incredible platform for the marketers to develop their business. Unfortunately, majority of businesses are wasting their hard-earned money every month because of poor account management. Adwords itself is huge and your every miss-step may negatively impact ROI.

Here we’ve summed up a list that includes top 10 Adwords mistakes that marketers need to avoid.

1. Focusing on the Wrong Keywords
There is a misconception amongst marketers that high search volume keywords are the best to deal with. This concept needs to be changed. When preparing a campaign, ensure you start off with very targeted keywords. If you have limited budget, this methodology will work the best for you. Broad keywords consume your budget fast and provide less conversions.

2. Not Using the Right Bid Strategy
Using automated bid strategy can eat up your budget and increase your bids. It’s always better to select manual bidding, so that you can decide how much you’re willing to spend on a keyword. If you are not sure about using the right bidding strategy in your campaigns, Request to Get a free PPC audit. (Please Add contact us page link or book an appointment link)

3. Not Having a Proper Landing Page
Beginners usually drive paid traffic to their homepage. This is one of the biggest Adwords mistakes that should be avoided. Your homepage is the exact place for explaining in short what your business is all about. But, it’s not that much effective as a separate or dedicated landing page at getting conversions. You should be having separate or dedicated landing page according to specific services. Each of your campaigns should have a specific objective as that would help in maximizing the return on investment (ROI).

4. Lack of proper tracking
A common mistake that beginners usually make with PPC is lack of proper tracking and attribution. They don’t set a strong foundation for tracking conversions and this restricts their ability to measure the success of their campaigns. This is why it’s important to get tracking set-up everywhere including Bing, Adwords, analytics and other platform.

5. Juggling Between Two Many Keywords
The most critical mistake that marketers do is tackling too many keywords at once. As a result, none of the keywords get good impression share and you show up searches that doesn’t have that much demand in the online market. It’s good to focus on high-intent keywords and get 100 percent impression share.

6. Not Scheduling Your Ads
By default, your ads will show 24/7. If your business receive enquires 9-5, ensure you schedule your ads for these hours only.

7. Not Using Ad Extensions
Ad extensions are usually considered as free additions to your ads, which provide loads of options for users to click on. For example, callout extensions allow you to place more information about your service or business below your ad.

8. No Compelling Offer
Is it like you’re doing everything right but still your ads not getting the right attention? The simple truth is your ads are not so interesting like that of the competitors. Always write ads copy for user need & benefits. Try searching Your campaign keywords in Google and check out ads you’ll be up against. This will give you certain advantages when writing your ad copy.

9. Not having clear goals
If you don’t know what exactly you want, then you can’t take any right decision regarding Adwords. First determine what you are expecting from AdWords to do for your business. Always have direct conversion goal set up for AdWords Campaign. Many companies skip this step and they get started without any aim. If you don’t have any goal, you will never be able to track your return on investment.

10. Not Showing Any Attention to Your Account
It’s important to regularly check your Adwords account to make sure it is performing well in terms of clicks, conversions and search term report. Checking keyword performance on regular basis can benefit your SEO strategy.

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