Are You Ready For the New Adwords?

Published On: June 13, 2016Categories: PPC

It was during the Performance Summit that Google revealed about some Adwords changes that should be familiar with the PPC industry as well. But, are you prepare for it?

Not to worry as I will be sharing with you some quicker and effective ways that would help you deal with the new Adwords changes, the better way. Continue reading…

Expanded Text Ads

Now this is something that we all are aware of. This became one of the headliners in the event; well received by the advertisers. It was mentioned earlier that a lift in CTR produces increase in Quality score and decrease in CPC to maintain the same ad rank. But to enjoy all the benefits, advertisers will require significant effort. There are a few things that you can do:

  • Check long headlines ads by ending description line with a punctuation mark.
  • When creating new ads, ensure to use text ad components like headline, description 1 and 2. If the same text is used properly in multiple locations, the metrics will be aggregated and you will have good starting point for new ad builds.
  • The new challenge for the advertisers will be to find a compelling message. Online marketers will need to brush up their messaging skills.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting was also a part of the announcement. Advertisers will now get a chance to target different ads based on the demographic signals.

We can now write 140 characters of ad text and can do this for different audiences who may respond differently. Find out how to deal with it:

  • If you have been advertising in channels that already include demographic performance report, Adwords should earn benefits from that data for search ads.
  • You can collect demographic data from audiences list as well. Cookie users who have shopped selection of men’s shoes or women’s shoes as a proxy can help you gather such data. The best you can do is adding all audiences to ad groups. Analyze their data to find out if there are any performance differences for different audiences.

Bid Adjustments

One of the biggest announcements was the return of granular device bidding. From now onwards real power is that, all the three device types can have bid modifiers.

  • Your aim should be to calculate what tablet bid adjustment you will set when that capability arrives. You should take proper advantage of the new capability as that would help you achieve better results.

Promoted Pins

This matter got a lot of attention from Google. Users will soon start with promoting pins on Google maps. Advertisers will have some control but will not have the full control. This is a good initiative by Google for connecting users with right business at the right time. Shopping ads are also good for feed based advertising.

  • Promoted pins are considered for being the newly updated business pages, depends on feeds to inform Google about the business. Customer match is essentially a data feed for audience targeting.
  • It is really difficult to find out how advertisers will formulate targeting in the new world. The best is to give Google as much structured data as possible about what we are selling. This will be a smart move.

Final Thoughts

The Google Adwords team is showing no signs of reducing the frequency of introducing new capabilities. This signifies that the time we invest in keeping up the data is valuable to the organizations as well as the clients we support. Executing the above strategies will definitely help you fight against the Adwords’ changes.For more in-depth ideas about Google adwords new fetures, you can deal with a Vidushi professional adwords expert and follow his advices.

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