Arm Your Competitor Research With SEMrush & Identify Benchmarking

Published On: September 12, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Being a digital marketing professional or entrepreneur, you might be aware of the significance of competitor research and analysis. While competitor analysis plays one of the crucial roles throughout any online marketing campaign, many people are still not convinced to pay a little more attention to it, that it really deserves. Why? Because some of them don’t have any idea about where to start from, and others don’t know what keywords to look for. It’s often considered to be time consuming and expensive but once you start practicing it, it soon offers beneficial insights.

Know Your Competitors Well; Analyze Their Online Marketing Strategies

Competitor analysis is simply an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, and activities of the competitors – existing and prospective. It provides you with an offensive as well as defensive strategic context to identify upcoming threats and opportunities. It’s all about having the best understanding of how your competitors are performing on different channels and how good their online marketing strategies are. Let’s take a look at how to go about competitor analysis with the amazing SEMrush tool.

SEMrush – The Swiss Knife To Your Competitor Research Analysis Arsenal

SEMrush, a platform that allows marketers to perform rapid SEO, SMO, and PPC competitive analysis, is an excellent tool for extensive competitor research. Compared to all other competitor research tools available on the web, SEMrush provides much in-depth information. Since competitors are a valuable source of information and data, it’s indispensable to spy on their activities because they are the most likely to perform the same activities as you. SEMrush allows you to quickly identify your top competitors across organic and paid search channels.

SEMrush Has A Database Of Over 106 Million Keywords Pulling From About 97 Million Domains!

Here’s what you can do on SEMrush, to strengthen your online marketing efforts.

    • Check competitors’ keywords
    • Dissect paid ad campaigns of competitors
    • Supervise competitors’ content strategies
    • Conduct back link audits of competitors
    • Track competitors’ real-time performance
    • Collect actionable insights
    • Identify profitable partnerships

You must have come across a few questions while analyzing data.

    • How many of competitors’ keywords are in common with the site you are querying?
    • How to benchmark yourself against competitors?
    • How to analyze competitors’ organic and paid search activities?
    • Is it possible to view the actual ad copies of competitors?

SEMrush Answers All These Questions! It Offers A Complete Competitor Traffic Review!

Once you master the tool, you can later identify new keyword opportunities, explore new areas for paid ad optimization, reveal new link building opportunities, and generate new content ideas.

If done right, SEMrush could be the best handy tool for excellent competitor research that can lead to successful online marketing. For expert professional assistance in competitor analysis, feel free to get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Consultants!

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