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Brand is nothing but the way customers perceive a product to be, dependent on the marketing and communication techniques utilized by its makers. Brands are known to create an image, and leave an impression that differentiates the product from similar ones in the market. In the electronic era with so much competition prevailing due to advancements in technology, marketing and communication tactics also have newer platforms and perform newer roles in order to be in the competition and leave a mark.
Importance of mobile phones cannot be overlooked; it is the present and future of marketing. They no more are devices only used, to get in touch with loved ones. Instead, mobiles are the new commerce platform, best suited for the era where people have a lot of disposable money but very little time; and prefer to have information on the go. On an average people spend about 195 minutes per day on their mobile phones, which is a good of more than 3 hours a day. Mobile unleashes a bundle of opportunities for marketers on an unimaginable scale. To understand how, mobile phones can be used for the optimal business advantage is need of the hour. Creating an enviable mobile experience for customers can help reach the goal.

Eye candy experience for mobile web searchers

Images or pictures tend to grab sudden attention of human beings, so trick number one is to optimize images and make them search friendly, increasing chances of Google Bots understanding it better, in order to deliver images for optimal search queries. A tip here would be, to minify images in order to ensure website speed load time. There are three vital areas of importance that require special attention.
(a) File Name: File names should be simple and comprehensive. For e.g. “DA4255VM” is complicated, “onlinefloristhomedelivery” is easily understood. (b) Alt text and title text: Are priority aspects for Google and hence it is sensible to keep them as descriptive as possible. Furnishing more and precise information works the best, giving a clear image about what the service actually has to offer. (c) Caption: Well it isn’t a basic requirement for each and every post, but why keep loop holes and have chances of keeping visitors hanging, so it is advisable to insert captions.

Reviews are a good habit

Reviews work as basis for majority potential customers when it comes to hit the buy button. So it is essential for businesses to get positive reviews. Reviews must not be generically on the entire product range, but detailed and positive remarks should be noted down for the core service offerings or products. One more trick from the kitty is, to encourage reviewers in order to upload photos along with reviews or simply photos would also do. It is a great form of “local content”.

Limit content

Mobile friendly content produced must be exclusive and simple to read and understand. Images and other pictorial content should be to the point. People who search on the web have specific needs and almost are always running out of time, hence it is important to put before what they actually look for, rather than running round the bushes to increase chances of a deal. Mobile content should be shorter; power packed and should work as an attention magnet.

Gear up for local content

“Near Me” searches are very popular. In 2015 Google reported that “near me” searches increased rapidly, to be precise they grew 32 times in a span of 3 years, general tendency of prospects looking out for services are to hire best quality service options but in the near vicinity in order to save cost and time. A trick here is to (a) promptly put in NAP, that is Name, Address and phone number, (b) Inserting Google Maps prominently on the website will provide a satisfactory user experience.

Google App Deep Linking

Almost half of the time spent on the internet is utilized on apps. This indicates mobile searchers hunting for local information are likely to use an app at time unknowingly. Hence, for brands ADL is an appropriate tool as it clarifies the “the potential for Google to index content in terms of an app and then present it as search results for mobiles, it has extensive implications, subject to proper utilization.

Actual Requirements of Web Searchers for Mobile

Reverse engineering is the key here. Information should be added keeping web searchers in mind, hence rule number one says Make it fast and easy for visitors to find their requirement. Number two is understand who the audience can be and the last point in the formula is to understand what the brand uniquely has to fulfill the searchers need.
Considering the above points, can work as a blueprint in order to strategize mobile web content to make it more readily available, easy to understand and to have a guaranteed sale, this also will give enviable and satisfactory user experience to customers.

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