Changing SEO: The battle between Mobile, Voice & Social

Published On: September 27, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing, Mobile Search, SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization seems to be the future of Marketing. To establish SEO or in layman’s term, being searchable is the real deal. Being searchable is the technique, which evolves with changing consumer habits, advancements in technology and user friendly innovations. The 2016 State of Inbound reports states that, to a grand 66 percent of marketers, SEO tops the list of priority for 2017.There are many questions pertaining to, what about different mediums of searches like Voice and Social Media. The blog does mention below importance of variable SEO resources and the impact.

Organic Search Traffic

Google’s organic search traffic is the vital metric, which almost all digital marketers look up to. Change is a permanent phenomenon, which needs to be accepted, so with change in preferences consumers now have turned to platforms like Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc,.) as their search options. Hence, marketers must also have a shift and shape their promotional and distribution game plan.

Apex goal for Marketers

Being discoverable by the prospective audience is the task. Being on top of SEO ,is what marketers dream about. Few of the priorities in chronological order that, hovers a marketers mind are, Growing Organic SEO, Creation of quality Blog Content, Content distribution, making use marketing automation and so on.

Game changing Phenomenon

In the past two years social media content has seen a shift in the way it is being consumed .Facebook shows a scalable rise of 57% likewise Twitter 25% and LinkedIn 21%. In fact Google and Facebook are on competition grounds, with Facebook recording 2 million Searches per day and Google 3 million a day.

The Mobile Age

Mobile phones are now perceived as a part of basic necessity. One third of consumers now admit that, primary device in order to access internet and look for online content are Mobile phones, and hence its importance cannot be neglected. 88 % of search experts are of the opinion that mobiles will have a great impact on Google’s algorithm in coming 12 months.

Voice Searches

“Hi Siri display route from Mumbai to Delhi via road.” Speaking this command is simpler than typing it on the device. Today Voice searches and personal assistants also play an integral role in the search phenomenon.


The changing and developing Information Technology era demands to have marketers to have equal focus on all mediums of content and the distribution strategies to be in place.

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