Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan for Small & Medium Enterprises

Published On: August 11, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

What does a typical marketing plan for a commercial real estate look like and is it more important than ever? Every year, thousands of square feet of residential and commercial land are purchased, leased or sold out in India. So, prior to establishing any industrial set-up (small, medium or large), an effective commercial real estate marketing plan is a must, especially in the digital arena. In real estate industry, not only you have to market your business to sellers, but also market sellers’ properties to buyers- it’s a to-and-fro process.

Marketing Materials
The following marketing materials can be used to target the prospects:

Newspaper ads
Promotional Blogs
Social Media Post through different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn)
Direct mail postcards
How-to-buy guide

The Real Estate Marketing Planning Process
Prior to moving ahead with the marketing medium, it is essential to identify several pointers, such as

1.What your goals are? It comprise of

Business goals
Strategic goals
Tactical goals

Personal goals

2.Do you have a specific budgetary plan?

3.Who your target audiences are- Local or Global?

4.What exactly you want your target audience to do?

5.Who are your competitors? What makes them different from you?

6.What are your core strengths and where are you lacking behind?

In this blog, we will discuss some of the major components that will focus on creating a suitable marketing plan for real estate project.

Preparation- At the initial stage, you need to set the foundation for your marketing goals. This is the ideal time to create, identity and brand for the property which helps to stay ahead of the competitors.

Offline Marketing- Despite constant advances in technology and internet marketing for commercial real estate, traditional offline methods still persists. It includes print collateral, broker events, print media, direct emails and display signage.

Online Marketing- In today’s digital arena, you can’t ignore online marketing activities. For an effective real estate marketing formula for this competitive marketplace, you can create digital brochures, website, email campaigns, online press release, media placements, social media marketing, performance-based advertising, and outreach marketing.

Measure Result- Determine the key metrics to measure the performance of the campaign. The key performing indicators includes brand impressions, website visits, leads generation and clippings.

With a standout commercial real estate marketing plan, you can easily maximize the chance of engaging the audience/prospects and convert them to the potential buyers.

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