Competitor Analysis – Your Roadmap To Online Success!

Published On: January 28, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Competitor analysis is all about identifying your competitors and estimating their strategies to figure out their strengths and weaknesses compared to those of your own. Being a crucial part of your company’s marketing plan, this analysis will help you improve your business in a unique way.

Why It Is Important to Conduct Competitor Analysis?

The definitive objective of this analysis is to know your competitors in detail and understand their strategy. To rise high and create an impact amongst all, it is necessary to be aware of what your competitors are planning and what their future plans are. A strategist should always live in competitor’s strategic shoes. It is the responsibility of the strategists to find out what actions the rivals are intriguing to maximize their outcome.

Points That you must figure out are:

Understand their potential reactions to the changes in the industry
Enhance your idea about competitor’s responses to several strategic moves

5 Key Areas That Competitor Analysis Must Include

A professional competitor analysis will definitely include or focus on these below mentioned points for your benefit. Take a glance.

Website Content Benchmark

It is a fact that today marketers prefer using rich content as a part of their marketing strategy. Content marketing is the new trend and will dominate online market in the future too. Therefore, it is important to check out the website content benchmark that your rival has already set in to defeat you.

Website is the only effective tool out there that allows small businesses to stand apart from the others. Therefore, monitoring websites of your opponents will let you know about the points that you must include to make your website rank better. The analysis will include determining the following factors.

Web presence
Responsive design
Navigation structure
Content sharing


Using valuable SEO factors like keywords, search visibility, content depth, backlinks, and search phrases, you can find out what your competitors are dealing with to build a strong reputation in the online market. The analysis includes all these factors to find out the SEO strategies your competitors are using for their benefit.

PPC and Remarketing

PPC and remarketing are considered the most proficient ways to reach people. Investing on incorrect paid search can affect your business. A professional competitor analysis will help you find out the PPC and remarketing strategies that your competitors are using to rank better. The analysis will also let you know about click charges, conversion topic, targeted keyword, and remarketing coverage of your contenders.

Social Media Engagement

With social media dominating the online market, it is important to monitor social media engagement of your competitors. The analysis will let you know about the particular social media platforms your rivals are focusing more on and how these platforms are helping them achieve their goals. You can figure out what platform can help you best in attracting prospects, increasing customers, gaining followers, and reaching your targeted audience.

Lead Nurturing Calls to Action

Lead nurturing takes a lot of strategy and planning. A competitor study on lead nurturing will help you know about the CTA messages, conversion strategies, and content focus of your contenders. One specific call to action will take your business’s success to new level! Lead scoring and behavior based campaigns are the two vital points that the analysis will also include.


Success can be achieved best through smart research and nothing can serve them best than competitor analysis. If you want to taste the flavor of success, going through competitor analysis is a must!

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