Corona-virus 2020: Top 3 Challenges for Digital Marketers and How to Overcome Them

Published On: April 16, 2020Categories: About Us

Coronavirus pandemic has affected our lifestyle as well as businesses all around the world. Organizations need to plan their strategies based on the ongoing crisis and customer psychology. Digital marketers are working hard to help their clients to support their businesses and serve their customers. Digital marketers need to understand the consumer mindset and research how their products and services can serve the customers during the pandemic and once it has passed. Digital marketing teams need to take charge and help businesses recover and identify brand-new opportunities for them.

Read below the challenges faced by digital marketers and strategies that can be adopted to make your business run smoother.

1. Responding to the ongoing changes

COVID-19 has affected almost all the industries and the majority of businesses are experiencing complete slowdown during the crisis. It’s a big challenge for digital marketers to shift towards new practices to help their clients perform better by adapting to the current changes. Digital marketers are looking out for cutting-edge solutions to help businesses to recover.
Ideas to overcome the challenge:

  • Analyze the changes and plan your business strategies smartly
  • Focus on targeting local needs in the retail, hospitality and investment sectors
  • Think of customer behaviour to improve your paid performance by choosing the right content, campaigns, and budget
  • Keep your websites, campaigns and landing pages updated to establish effective communication with clients and consumers

2. Finding innovative solutions for impacted businesses

Times have changed due to COVID-19 and the previously designed strategies aren’t working productively. Businesses such as airlines, restaurants, malls, hotels, and movie theatres are facing huge losses due to social distancing and self-quarantine measures taken by the government. Digital marketers are finding solutions to support the significant trades and help them flourish their businesses once the pandemic is over.
Ideas to overcome the challenge:

  • Invest in building long-term brand affinity
  • Focus on customers and work with PR teams to reach out to people
  • Understand the customer mindset to deliver helpful content
  • Maintain strong communication to retain existing clients
  • Deliver the right information and messages to the consumer
  • Invest in live seminars and virtual events

3. Effective execution of Digital Marketing from home

Almost all IT companies are facing this challenge while working remotely. It is quite difficult to collaborate with tasks and deliver work efficiently with teams operating from different places. Digital marketers are considering new technologies to drive work precisely and increase productivity.
Ideas to overcome the challenge:

  • Invest in the latest technologies for task management, team meetings, and video conferences
  • Train your team on the newly used technologies and conduct meetings to clarify their doubts
  • Make use of this opportunity to get the most out of the technology you are using
  • Focus on virtual panels, webinars and online event opportunities
  • Enhance your network digitally
  • Plan your work and stick to the schedule
  • Maintain your health, wellness and practice social distancing

Digital marketing is important for almost all businesses. Marketers need to be proactive to identify what would work for different types of organizations to use their marketing skills effectively.

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