Digital Marketing Mix – The Winning Formula

Published On: September 28, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Clueless about the money invested, which is not yielding the right amount of return on investments? Or more worried about, not achieving the desired results on the internet? Are you skeptical about the limitless choices available? To take a step forward in order to get all your digital marketing needs in place which actually is a linked process, a complete cycle, where one action leads the other and finally successful, “DIGITAL MARKETING MIX” formula is achieved.

Let’s now talk about the leading Digital Marketing Mix, which can accelerate online results for a business. Following are the 4 Best Practices Digital Marketing Methods, which will help accelerate growth. Built on 4 concrete pillars, explained one at a time below.


Research is an integral part of the digital marketing mix. Without subsequent research, to gauge current position of a business is near to impossible. Good research helps understand SWOT analysis better and prescribed steps can then be taken.
1. Evaluate the current position
2. Plan strategies basis the evaluation.

Custom Acquisition

A business without newer customers is unsuccessful. But now with the available Digital marketing blue print, existing online presence can be examined. A constant program of content creation helps attract, right kind of audience to the website, which means higher conversion rates.

Value Added Communication

Next step to customer acquisition is to promote content. Content is known as the undisputed king of the online world. Hence, generating quality content is essential, but along with that distribution of content across search engines is equally important. Depending upon the nature of business, adaptive SEO measures should be taken up. Being able to choose right kind of platform is very essential too. Paid advertizing is also a feasible alternative to get products visible at the right place to the right kind of audience at the right time. Email marketing is a traditional yet cost effective way of communicating the product.

Brand Loyalty

Social media quotient gaining popularity day by day, is one of the key platforms to engage customers; it also aids online reputation building. Marketing automation tools are a good option to convert visitors into leads and prospective leads into customers, as they help being connected to customers periodically. This makes customers remember the Brand quiet effectively.

Each section of digital marketing mix is important, using the right combination of these tried and tested practices, with a tinge of routine monitoring, testing and improvisation can lead to digital success. A local WSI digital marketing consultant will bring global expertise to your doorstep, developing a perfect marketing blue print which will boost your business with stronger online presence.

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