Do You Want To Know Why Your Content Isn’t Getting Shared?

Published On: July 14, 2016Categories: Content Marketing

After putting all your hard work and effort in writing a piece of content, when your content fails to acquire the kind of attention you expected, it hurts. Shares are a big deal for content. Basically, there are two forms of sharing; one is when a user share your piece of content from your site onto social media and second, when they encounter your write-up on social media and share it from there.

Whatever the way is, the effect is similar. Sharing increasing the reach of your content to more people and also affect how many links and traffic it earns.

Helping your content reach its targeted audience is not that easy as it involves some strategies. Here for you we have sum up a list that includes three reasons behind your content is not getting shared.

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Audience Problem

The first issue with content not getting shared is audience targeting. Below are some steps that one must follow to connect with right audience.

  • Choose the right audience: It is important to know for whom you are writing. This will help you write accordingly and thus you will reach your audience easily.
  • Select the right topic: The topic you choose must be interesting and it should deal with some current issue or something that can enhance the curiosity level of the audiences
  • Usage of right voice: It is always necessary to use the right voice when writing content. Your approach should be clear and your vocabulary should make readers feel good.
  • Distribute your content to right channels: after you are done with writing, it is necessary to distribute it to the right channels and social media platform.

Content Problems

Your content may also have some issues as well. But what are they?

  • Deliver value: Your writing should be original and appealing in every way. If it doesn’t provide any value, what’s the use of reading it? Give your readers a measurable takeaway.
  • Use proper format: Consider the formatting to your piece. For some topics, short content is okay and some other topics demand long content. Incorporating visual elements in content is always a good idea.
  • Surprise your readers: Your content should surprise your readers. Don’t make it boring and execute surprising facts.
  • Include takeaways: The best you can do is including takeaways for your audience. This will make them happy for sure.

Logistic Problems

Last but not the least; logistical problems are also responsible for preventing your article from being shared.

  • Ensure your share buttons are working and are visible:Sometime it may happen that because of negligence we don’t pay much attention to such things. Include share button on all of your content pages. Make sure they are functional on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Syndicate your content: It’s better to start building momentum by syndicating your content yourself. Distribute it, pitch it and also redistribute it down the line.
  • Nurture your audience: Your audience consists of your social media followers, email newsletter subscribers and frequent website visitors. The more engaged your audience is, the more likely your work will be shared.

If you can find out and resolve these issues more or less completely, you will definitely experience a noticeable increase in the number of shares. Take careful measurements of your articles performance so that you can achieve what you dreamt for. Get in touch with Vidushi’s professional content writing services in India.

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