Published On: May 15, 2020Categories: SEO Services

Why is it important to build an SEO-friendly website? It is because this helps your website to rank higher in SERPs. Making your website SEO-friendly will drive more traffic and boost the ranking of webpages. It is crucial to ease the job of Google bots to rank your website easily and quickly. Check out how7 tips to create an SEO friendly website

  1. Create a responsive design that is compatible with all devicesYour website and content should be accessible through all types of devices. It should provide a good user experience for the customers. Make use of a variety of tools that are available to integrate responsive design to your website to make it mobile-friendly.
  2. Use interlinking to help search engines to discover pages on your websiteFocus on interlinking to help search engines crawl new pages on your website and index them. Make sure that the pages you add to your site are relevant to the topic to get the pages properly indexed. Interlinking also helps to build page authority and allow visitors to navigate easily within your website.
  3. Create user-friendly URLsThe URL structure might not be the priority, but it is very important. Make use of simplified URLs so there is a unique URL for each page. Check the details appropriately to make this beneficial in creating an SEO-friendly website.
  4. Create an XML sitemapXML sitemap map is important to help the search engines understand the structure while crawling through your website. You can send more data to Google by prioritizing the most important and valuable pages on your website.
  5. Use Robots.txtA crawler budget is assigned to your website by Google. If you do not want to waste the crawl budget on the pages that are not important, you can use a robots.txt. This helps the search engine bots to avoid crawling pages that are not required to crawl. Update your Robots.txt file while restructuring your website.
  6. Optimize images on your websiteImages are a notable part of your website. They are also important for SEO-optimization as images with large sizes can slow down your website. Compress the image sizes to improve your website loading time. The image loading time is also improved due to compressed images thus increasing the overall load time of your website.
  7. Avoid using duplicate contentMake sure the content used on your website is original. Duplicate content will lead to SEO issues and your website will not be ranked higher especially when internal duplicates are used. For website ranking, content is an important factor to keep your website top-notch.

It is essential to create an SEO-friendly website to drive maximum online traffic for your business. When your website is built according to the search engine guidelines, it will appear in the top pages of search engine results thereby increasing website traffic.

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