Easy to Implement SEO Hacks for the SEO Newbie

Published On: August 30, 2016Categories: SEO Services

Achieving SEO goal is not that easy. You may have found good keywords, optimized titles and body copy; but you still can’t defeat your competitors in the Google SERPs for your most coveted keywords. If you don’t have time as well as resource to perform a site overhaul, all you need is some easy and quick tweaks that will help you improve SEO results and move the needle.

No, there is no need to have any SEO training because we are here to help you with some simpler SEO hacks that won’t cost you a lot of time or money to implement.

Let’s get started; Distribute Your Home Page’s Link

Basically, your home page attracts more links compared to that of other pages. The first step towards your SEO strategy must be to ensure that your link authority gets effectively directed from your home page to the other important subpages. While Google render Java Script and AJAX better, your safest bet should be HTML links.

Always ensure that the crucial category pages are included in the top nav. Why not consider including links to your important products right in the body of the home page? In case you don’t have product pages, it’s better to include things like articles and landing pages. Links in the body of a page will automatically bring more link authority than navigational links.

It is always necessary to create prominent links as that’s what serves useful for the users. This ensures that people can easily find the best stuff.

Avoid Using Big Images

Most of the sites experience issues because of the image size, especially on the home page. Often content creators and designers overlook image size and that’s what creates difficulty.

Instead of using big size images, consider using images that are easy to optimize. This is one of the finest “quick-hack” for improving the site speed.

You can make use of tools like “WebPageTest” to check the image size before uploading it to the webpage. After checking the image size, let your designers optimize them.

Check the 404 Pages on Your Site

Google Search Console gives you the ability to check 404 pages on your site. If you already have an externally linked page that returns a 404, ensure you fix it as soon as possible. This helps in recovering link equity and traffic the easy way.

Focus on creating videos, articles and micro-sites

Videos, articles and micro-sites are considered to be a fantastic way to garner brand awareness. Don’t waste your SEO opportunity by hosting the content on other’s domain. What you need is a link to your site from the syndicated content. The best you can do is to host that content on your on site and try to find ways to direct traffic and authority from that content to your vital landing pages and products.

Use Forms and Social Hubs for Your Benefit

Before finalizing a keyword, you can start with monitoring conversations in social media as well as in forums. This will help you decide the right keyword and secure a position amongst your competitors. This method will definitely help you uncover rare keywords that can do wonders for your website.

Make use of Link analysis tool

It’s a known fact that authoritative links are critical to high Google rankings. Acquiring such links is not that easy. All you can do is find hubs that link to multiple competitors. A hub is a site that links to major players within a niche. As hubs are already linking to similar sites, so it won’t be a huge leap for them to link to your site as well. Search for the sites linking to your competitors and examine them to see which might link to you. For better assistance on this, consult Vidushi Infotech a leading SEO consultant in India.

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