Effortless Tactics to Improve Your Blog’s Search Rankings

Published On: February 16, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, you should know that there lies bounty of opportunity to improve search engine ranking of your website, through blogging. It is not at all correct to implement short term approach to build long term source of traffic. Blogging is considered as a major practice for driving audiencesto the websites. If you really want to create sustainable web presence, it is necessary to adopt changes of Google’s algorithm.


Blogging, social media, SEO and email marketing are the popular avenues for driving traffic to the websites. Amongst all, blogging accounts for a large proportion of traffic and if you can continue keeping it relevant and of high quality, search engine ranking of your website will increase.


Here we will let you know about some simple strategies that you can use to build a reliable source of traffic to your blog site. Check it out:

Stop Stressing Only On Keywords

Besides focusing only on keywords, it would be better to upload rich and informative content. Google now stresses more on the value of content than the specific keywords it contains. But that doesn’t mean you should stop optimizing content for keywords. Search engine relies on keywords to some extent to be aware of the importance of your content. Google now detect spammy and thin content, which signifies that focusing on keyword is not the only way to increase search engine ranking. The key is to focus on quality content and stop looking for shortcut in SEO.

Share Content on Social Sites

Sharing content on social media sites will let you generate more traffic. The higher the number of social shares, the more traffic your website will get. This will improve blog’s authority by boosting the search engine ranking. Install social share buttons on your blogs, so that the viewers can share it with others instantly. Building relationship on social sites and connecting with them will generate authoritative link back to your blogs.

Promote your Website Blogs

If you want to enhance brand awareness, it is necessary to promote your content. Unless you promote it, visitors will not get to know about it. Having an inbound marketing strategy will let you earn links. Before you start with promoting, find out who your audiences are and what their needs are. When a credible source in your niche links to your website that signifies that you have earned a link. Earned links can be achieved only if marketers are able to upload high quality content.

Quality versus Quantity links

It is always better to receive links as they are still considered as a determining factor for search engine ranking. Today, buying links is cheaper and there are many SEO agencies, which can provide hundred of links to your website. But, move ahead with caution because this step could lead you to penalty. Buying back links is fast, but what matters the most is quality inbound links. It is because of Penguin, that the link building mindset has changed from quantity to quality. Therefore, SEO impact that you get from link building is predicted on the idea that such links will deliver real value to the users.

Optimize your website for Mobile

Today, customers wait no longer at the desk to access web. Everyone prefers accessing web through their mobile devices. According to Google, majority of monthly searches in 10 countries come from mobile devices. Wondering how to optimize your website for mobile users? Below given are few tips for you:

Make sure that your pages, posts and menus are optimized properly for mobile
Sales pages and landing pages require different strategies on mobile. Tools like Crazy Egg will help determine the behaviors of desktop and mobile users.
Find out the content format so that visitors can read the content of your webpage while accessing through mobile devices.


Increasing search engine ranking of your webpage is not that easy. The best way to do so is to create useful and informative content that addresses the actual needs of your audience.

If you are capable of promoting your content across plenty of social media platforms, you will ultimately create a reliable source of organic traffic for your website

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