Escalating Your Mobile Impact

Published On: May 4, 2016Categories: Mobile Search

When we start talking about mobile search, the first and foremost thing that appears in our mind is location, location and location. Mobile devices bring in loads of opportunities to target consumers who may otherwise have been hard to reach.

According to Consumer Barometer Survey, majority of smartphone users make use of search engines to find out local business. This is noticed from the growing number of searches consisting “near me”. As per Google’s internal data, 88 percent of “near me” searches happen on a mobile phone.

It is because of this that there is an opportunity to maximize mobile phones to bring people in store. Do consider creating a campaign with a hyper targeted radius around specific locations and bidding up the mobile modifiers.

You can use a lot of different lists to focus on who you might want to bid on or just to bid higher on those people, if still bidding on a broader group. Mobile phones offer a huge opportunity to engage consumers in store. As per a study, 82 percent of smartphone users consult their phones when deciding what to buy. Therefore, it is really important to keep that in mind as you build mobile content. Make sure that the content is relevant and helpful.


The ultimate goal of micro-conversions should always be the priority. But if you are not being able to get it, get something else. It is a common misconception that on-page actions outside the primary goal will reduce from the overall conversion rate. The conversion point should be prioritized within the layout with an appealing call to action. If the consumer is not ready to purchase or would not like to complete the process on phone, it is better to have a secondary give and take opportunities.

This secondary opportunity should offer consumers a chance to know more about the product and be relevant enough to build curiosity in the advertiser’s brand, giving the advertiser a chance to get something in return, like email address and other contact information.

When nothing is working at all, getting the consumer in remarketing list is better than nothing at all.

Facilitate Conversions

Facilitating mobile conversions will help you gain positive ROI – in case the traffic is there. The best you can do is find out the least savvy people and try to convert him. Take care of the number of pages that should be loaded, where the calls to action are and how easy is to make use of buttons and navigation without clicking any nearby links or buttons. Check out mobile forms because optimizing the forms goes well beyond the placement on the page and the number of fields in use. Nothing can be more frustrating than filling out a form on a mobile phone. As a greater guide, Google has come up with some great tips so that you can make forms easier to use on mobile phones.

Understanding your customers

If you are striving hard to build conversions, you should know which conversions customers seem to prefer. Find out how customers use your site and what actions are they performing frequently.

If you find out that your consumers prefer making calls than filling up forms, it would be better to focus on that particular portion.

Tracking mobile users

According to a study, 40 percent of consumers who research on smartphone will later go to make a purchase on desktop. This underscores the importance of tracking consumer engagements that happen elsewhere.

One of the best methods of tracking site visitors is to get them into the CRM. You can facilitate conversions in a manner that makes engagement convenient for the consumers. This might not result in immediate sale but can capture information that will help you track the person through email address.

Don’t Ignore the Apps

Mobile provides opportunities to connect with customers through apps. There are several ways to leverage apps to help build brand loyalty and engage existing loyalists like providing useful content, storing logins, promoting offers, and allowing consumers to access purchase history and favorite items. If your business has an app, make sure you take advantage of app install ads and app extensions to get it in front of the customers.

Understanding the value of app as it pertains to customer loyalty and lifetime value will help you reach your target audience the better way.

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