Few Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid Google Penalty

Published On: November 2, 2017Categories: SEO Services

Is your website being penalised by Google? Latest & greatest ways of Google to analyse your website always make some noise in the digital marketing arena. And as SEO experts, we often are asked questions about smart tips to avoid this penalty. At times things can get irresistible, but when it comes to a reality check, one needs to be alert and keep a check on its moves while optimising the website.

Below mentioned is a list of Google penalties & also mentioned are ways to avoid them.

#1. Avoid Buying Links

Well! The digital space is full of people who are ready to sell you links based on a private blog network, popularly known as PBN. In case you are not familiar with the concept of PNB, it is series of blogs set up which just appears to give away useful content but in reality, it only exists to serve up back-links to people who are ready to pay.

Practising this is dangerous, as Google bots are quite powerful when it comes to tapping crooked activities. It’s for sure that Google takes strict steps to determine such IP addresses & delist them.

#2. Website Security

The prime and most important point to be kept in mind is that, Google operates with a goal of best user experience & has strict guidelines to make sure that users are provided with best & unique content, specifically designed for search terms.

Website security is crucial. Google strictly does not want its users to land on hacked websites, so if Google finds out that the site is hacked, it surely will be blacklisted.

To save your website from being blacklisted by Google, you can try the following –

Make use of a strong username & password.
Have updated software’s
Enable lock down
Install Firewall
#3. Do Not Stuff Keywords

It for sure is a fair move to make use of keywords in order to achieve a desirable rank for site. But it’s equally important to be aware about the limit. It is important to know how often can this be done. Google is very conscious when it comes to you tricking the system, instead Google looks forward to offering relevant & good quality content to improve user experience.

So, make sure to make apt use of keywords, that make sense and are relevant to the search factor and not unnecessarily stuff them in the content. There are tools available online that help measure density of the keywords and can keep you safe from Google Penalty. For example, YOAST plugin for WordPress.

#4. Beware of hidden text

Well there are several ways in which text can be hidden with an aim to manipulate search engine ranking & trust, Google does not accept it. Google bots are designed in a smart way to look up for text that is visible to viewers and hidden to the bots. Doing this, increases changes of your site being penalised by Google. Such activities are also regarded to as Black Hat SEO practices.

#5. Avoid using Sneaky Mobile Redirects

Sometimes webmasters make the experience dark for mobile users. When this happens, mobile users are unnecessarily redirected to site that is completely irrelevant to their search preference. However, when the same link is tried to be accessed over a desktop it looks fine.

Well! Even this isn’t a foolproof way to fool Google. It has its own poised ways to penalize such sneaky mobile redirects and blacklist your website.

Well, these are just a few ways to be aware of and save your site from being penalised. We will definitely come up with a few more ways soon that will help you be safe from Google bots in a smart and ethical way. So stay Tuned!

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