5 Important Analytics Reports for Powering Profit

Published On: December 23, 2016Categories: SMO

Web analytics reports in layman’s language are the progress card of your online strategy. Web analytics reports have the power to determine if efforts are in sync with your goals. Web analytics tools gather data and disclose the way people interact with websites. Having the ability to understand these metrics will definitely give you the foresight to determine the most productive marketing channels, improving customer experience, ultimately will get your sales in green. Evaluating the selected five analytics reports on regular basis will allow you enhance overall customer experience, resulting into increased number of deals cracked.

Below are the 5 important analytics reports known for powering profit that need a regular check.

#1: Referral Traffic Report This report is an important tool, as it helps understand the source of websites and search engines, from where traffic has been sent to your site, it also gauges which pages of your website it is linked to. Referral Traffic Report basically identifies sites that you have taken efforts to build backlinks, and this report also gives you the metrics about performance of your link building strategy. One more very important task this report performs is it works as an indicator of spam traffic, as a corrective step filters can be added to have a cleaner report view. Once spam traffic is identified, corrective measures like setting up filters, or referral exclusions within Google Analytics or take it a step further and block the spam traffic via .htaccess file. This report overall guides the content marketing strategy and helps you allocate ad budget.

#2: Content Engagement Report Content engagement reports aim at calculating visitor engagement on the website, and smoothens the process of converting website visitors into leads. It is important to be updated with blog topics that are tending and dominating the internet with seeking more attention and social shares. This definitely helps and works as a guide towards achieving content creation goal. This report basically helps us with details and information like, Average time spent by user in terms of session duration, it also lets us gauge if the user visited internal links or bounced.

The basic format gives us the information in the following chronology.

Sessions – Average time on page – Bounce rate – Goal completions

#3 Landing Pages Report As we all know the homepage is not the only access point to a website. Landing pages can be used to track the type of content that draws maximum traffic. Infact every page on the website can be a landing page. It also gives a fair view about interaction of users with offers. It also helps understand how visitors react to lead capturing processes.

#4: Site Search Report Site search reports are often left out. A site search report gives a reflection of what visitors are searching for, once they are on the website. It definitely is an indicator of areas where the website needs improvement; it also helps give marketing campaigns a clearer direction.

There are two criteria’s that are presented in the report

Sessions in which users performed a search (Session with a search).

Users who did not search for anything.

#5: Mobile Performance report We all know how mobile searches are gaining popularity, with ever increasing numbers of mobile phone users. There is one thing in common amongst all mobile users; they all expect fast, reliable and easily accessible web content. Knowing this fact, it is imperative to be aware about the interaction of mobile users with your website, and it is important to deliver engaging content.

Most important metrics to measure a websites performance are the ones that relate closely to business results. Regularly reviewing these reports will help you improve your marketing impact. Pro Tip: All the above reports are important in the primary stages, whereas to gain more insights advanced segments or secondary dimensions can also be put to use to achieve more.

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