Get To Know About the Factors that May Be Affecting Your Organic Traffic

Published On: July 22, 2016Categories: SEO Services

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned SEO or someone who is running a SEO business, you must be aware of the fact that there are fluctuations in organic traffic. Something that irritates us a lot is when we are not capable of finding out the root cause.

When diagnosing a decline in organic traffic, organic search comes with a unique set of challenges. There can be numerous reasons behind the fall of your organic traffic which includes both basic issues and advanced issues as well. To help you out, we have prepared a list that includes some common factors that might play a crucial role behind the decline of your organic traffic.

Lack of Indexing

To ensure whether your pages are indexed or not, run a Google search using “”. In case you find out that the critical pages are not appearing in the search results, this signifies that you have found the actual cause.

Recent Updates

If you have recently modified your online page or have undergone a site overhaul, it is expected to experience a decline in traffic. Google must re-crawl and re-index the new pages or it is better to have a 301 redirect strategy in order to preserve link equity and avoid loss of traffic.

Structured Data Mark-Up

Implementing structured data markup strategy might seem like a one-time project but, it is actually not like that. It is necessary to monitor the appearance of rich snippets to ensure that they are driving in the correct information. In case you change the content of your website, this will alter the markup without any warning. This can affect your click through rates.

Outranked by Resellers

You may have launched an affiliate program for better promotion, but this becomes a matter of issue when resellers’ starts outranking you for branded keywords. This may not derail your revenue goals but will definitely affect the traffic of your sites.

Google Ad Placement

After Google’s replacing right hand rail ads, brands may be seeing their direct traffic being cannibalized by paid search ads. After some time, we will be able to quantify the full effect.

URL Confusion

Do you have your content strategy in place? Not having a clearly defined keyword map can create issues, especially if two or more pages are optimized for the same keyword. This will cause pages to compete against each other in the SERPs, reducing the rankings of these pages. If you have access to keyword tracking tool, you can check day-by-day breakdown of which URL to rank for.

Price point and Product depth

As a digital marketer, you must have proper idea about the four Ps- price, product, promotion and place. But a well planned strategy is nothing with the fifth P – people. Your core products always drive volume and that allows you to achieve amazing growth. But one day your focus shifted and you stopped agitating iterations of your best sellers. This finally results in alienating the people who liked your previous offers.

In such a situation, you need to check out the Google search console data. If position of your site stays stagnant, this signifies that your branding is not losing its visibility in the SERPs.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the root cause behind the decline of search engine ranking will help you take the right action. Unless and until you are not being able to find out the cause, chances are that you might experience a lot of issues. Consulting SEO expert will help you come across effective suggestions.

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