Google Adwords Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Published On: August 9, 2016Categories: PPC

After Google, there is the Google Adwords that let users advertise and promote their products on the first page of search results. Advertisers can use both the platform for their benefit. However, many advertisers are not aware of some brilliant Adwords features that provide incredible opportunities to target potential customers.

The majority of business owners, marketers, and strategist were not taking full advantage of all the Adwords features. This is what they are lacking and thus, the end result is suffering. Adwords advertising platform is changed every day to give advertisers more flexibility with their ads.

Read on to know more about those Adwords features:


Google reported that almost 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly while checking out the webpage. It was in February 2015 when Google introduced call only campaigns, but majority of advertisers is not aware of this feature. Such campaigns are profitable for businesses that place more importance on phone call than a website visit conversion.

This particular feature is only for mobile devices. This type of conversion helps in creating a proper bidding strategy.

Display Ad Builder

Image ads work the best and they too have the best conversions. You don’t have to know how to create them as Adwords does that for you. Advertisers can use this option to create animated ads within a few minutes. Adwords will scan your site for imagery and will use the previous text to create image ads for you.

Ad Extension

This is by far the most valuable Adwords’ feature to focus on. Ad extension helps you with providing more space to display your USP’s and gradually lead to more conversions and click-through. The major types of ad extension are Sitelink Extension, Click to Call Extension, Location extension, App extension and Reviews extension.

Ad Customizers

This feature enables advertisers to change the text in your ads as per someone’s search query. Suppose if you have many products in the same category, you can set Adwords ad to match the specific product a searcher is searching for. This is really helpful when you have an offer or discount that is only for a limited period.

Interest Targeting

Today, keywords are not the only way available to target searchers. With Google Display Network, there are available several ways through which you can target audiences by interest to enhance the chances your ad will be shown to people who are likely interested.

App Downloads Directly

Google now has App promotion ads. Such ads feature buttons that help users download the app straight from the app store on their smartphones. This also eliminates the extra step the user has to take in order to convert.

Adwords Editor

This feature will help you stay on top of your campaigns. This is the free desktop app where you can download and manage multiple accounts for offline editing. The editor allows you to edit items side by side, easily undo changes, and so on.

Hopefully, implementing these Adwords features will help you reach your business goal the easy way. As a marketer you should take advantage of all these features and explore the tool to experience what it has to offer to assist in the success of your campaigns.Feel Free to contact Vidushi Infotech Adwords specialist for any queries regarding Google AdWords.

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