Google To Redesign Adwords

Published On: April 5, 2016Categories: PPC

It is for the first time when Google is doing something about the look of Adwords, serving us since 15 years. Adwords now look a bit fogey because of those hundreds of features that accumulated over a decade and a half.

Recently Google announced the news of the redesign process and also made it clear that this sudden appraisal is to rejuvenate the Adwords interface. The last time Google touched up Adwords in 2008.

According to Paul Feng, “This re-imagining process is going to take some time, but we are excited to finally talk about what we have been working on for the past year, and half.” Adwords head Jerry Dischler commented on this overhaul saying, now we are getting the first glimpse at what is in store.

The reason behind redesigning Adwords is because the world has changed so much in the past few years. Adwords was launched when Google was simply figuring out what search advertising was. Feng also said that they designed it several years ago when smartphones just came into the market. Today, there is a growing demand on marketers and on Adwords as a reliable platform. This serves as the strongest reason behind re-imagining Adwords.

This redesign is completely based on Google’s design language, used in many of its consumer products, like Gmail, Maps and Search.

Will there be any Change in Functionality?

The answer is NO. Just like the Enhanced Campaigns update, this redesign won’t affect the way campaigns are structured. The focus will be on updating the way data is displayed and that’s it.

What’s going To Change?

Definitely you will come across some changes because of this redesign process. Campaigns and ad groups will be shown in the left hand navigation, but clicking on those campaigns will bring up a dashboard view which Google call as Overview screen. This will be available at the campaigns, ad groups, and ad levels. Another vital thing that you will notice because of this redesign view is that all of the secondary navigation runs along the left side, parallel to the primary navigation. Only relevant navigation will be surfaced in each view. Google consumer products will be familiar with most of the functional icons that can be applied to a table or chart.

The Timeline for the Rollout

Feng said that they will let the world know about the features as they become available. Google will introduce some advertisers to those facets of the redesign. Within a few months, the roll out will start selecting advertisers, based on the capabilities they are using. The objective is to have the redesign process rolled out completely by the end of 2017. If you are thinking that this is an open beta, you are wrong. Google will be reaching to the advertisers and you can’t add yourself to the testing schedule. Some of the initial versions will have an SMB focus. Feng made it clear, that they are planning to make it available across the spectrum so that they can get feedback.

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