How Content Marketing will Drive Search Ranking in 2015?

Published On: February 2, 2015Categories: Content Marketing

It’s quite hard to argue that content marketing drastically changes the face of digital marketing. But the fact remains the same; as most of the SEO companies have finally accepted that to win over their competitors; Effective Content Strategy is a MUST. However, in 2015, content marketing is projected to become one of the key elements in improving search engine ranking, as the need for a relatively constant flow of content will drive substantial amount of traffic to the website.

Over the past two years, Google has emphasized on high quality content with traditional marketing budgets being reallocated to content marketing efforts. According to the latest statistics, digital marketing accounted for 25% content marketing and is expected to reach 33% mark in 2015. At Vidushi Infotech, our SEO Content writing Services will help to improve the online presence and brand awareness. In-fact there is nothing more to succeeding at content marketing, except creating an effective content strategy with planning and forethought.

So as far as things are concerned, let’s have a look at top 5 predictions on how SEO Content Writing will change and evolve throughout 2015.

Social Media Cluttered with Content:

  • With the emergence of social media, things have become quite easy for customers as well as business professionals, establishing a B2C relationship in a quick time. Moreover, it will act as a clear front-runner, enhancing sales ratio and ROI.

Email Marketing need to be Smarter:

  • In 2015, digital marketing will heavily rely on email marketing, offering newsletter via email to boost online presence and brand visibility. It’s not about sending more emails to the clients; rather creating engaging subject content that immediately entice the audience attention.

Subtle Integrated Advertisement:

  • Banner Ads will be a key element for driving search engine traffic to your website. Instead of just showcasing readers’ faces through banner ads, it’s essential to incorporate high quality content which will create a more harmonious relationship between reader and the publisher. In addition, you can also include posts on facebooks, tweets on Twitter, power point presentations, slide shows and infographics.

Video Blogging:

  • In 2015, companies will emphasize on video blogging incorporating effective content strategy, not just for SEO, but increasing marketing visibility. In-fact video blogging is way to add value to content marketing, giving an edge over the competitors.

Mobile Friendly Content:

  • The introduction of the “mobile-friendly” label has created a significant impact in digital marketing, focusing on mobile-optimized content and social media marketing. In 2015, mobile usability will be a key element for search ranking factor.So far, you might have understood how SEO content services and website content services will play a major role in driving Search Ranking in 2015.For any assistance regarding your digital marketing strategy for 2015, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Expert today.

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