How to Deal With When Organic Search Traffic Drops?

Published On: May 19, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Sometimes visitors stop coming to your website and you are not at all aware of the reason. The traffic on the top page suddenly drops and nothing is working on your favor. If you are a beginner then you should find out the reason why the drop occurred. If the problem is fixable, then it’s great. But if you find the problem out of control, you will need some planning to figure it out the right way.

Here are a few questions that might help you find out the actual reason behind the sudden decline.

  • Has there been a drop in keyword ranking?
  • Does Google Trends indicate that interest in your industry has declined?
  • Do your URL Parameters break up traffic on your top pages?
  • Is your analytics tracking functioning properly?

Check keyword ranking

When there is a sudden drop in organic traffic, the result may be the drop in keyword ranking as well. Organic traffic is a metric that measures the actual number of visitors that arrive at your website through search engine like Google. Suppose you have a website that sells winter garments and yours is showing as the first result when someone types buy winter garments online into Google. But when suddenly your website drops from Google’s first page, people will not find out your webpage amongst the top search results and this will automatically affect the ranking of your webpage.

Check Organic Traffic

Your business will see ups and downs throughout the year. It may happen that your organic traffic dropped because fewer people have been searching for words where you rank and that’s okay because that’s just the nature of business. Checking out the organic traffic on regular basis will help you find out whether your keywords are doing well or they need to be replaced with something new.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a useful tool especially when it comes to keeping a pulse on public interest in your industry. If you find out that in the past four years your website has not experienced such a decline, then the reason may be the worldwide trend. The best you can do is go into Google Trends and start with entering your highest ranking and highest traffic driving keywords. If there is a large dip in one, it is a contributing factor to your drop in traffic.

URL Parameters

Almost all projects require modified URLs at times where parameters are added to the end of URLs. If you have a single page, but different URLs, your analytics may treat those URLs as separate entities.

Well, that’s it. A quick scan through these 4 points will let you find out your problem. If you find out any, ensure that you resolve it the better way so that you don’t experience anything bad in the future. Contact Vidushi Digital Marketing Expert to think about how to provide proper information.

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