How To Jump-Start SEO Before Site Launch?

Published On: March 29, 2016Categories: SEO Services

Planning to launch a new site? Want it to start building traffic as soon as it is live? All you need is, to begin with pre launch SEO so that you can rank your site, within a short span of time.

Pre-launch SEO is definitely possible. Way too often, webmasters fail to do so and this results in poor index of their website. Instead of wasting your precious time in waiting for your site’s launch, it is better to get started with pre-launch SEO work to ensure a smooth site launch.

Wondering how to do so? Following are some of the smartest ways to jump-start your SEO the best way.

Create a “Coming Soon” Page

The first task that you need to do is, creating a strong and optimized “Coming Soon” page. There are loads of reasons behind so.

Firstly, it always takes time to get ranked and so it is better to start your website activities with the “coming soon” page. Google does not care if there is any coming soon message on the page, all they care about is keywords, content and user experience.

Secondly, including a strong call to action message will serve as a benefit. Entice your visitors to fill up a lead form by providing them a PDF guide, a video or any detailed info-graphic in exchange. Nurture these leads throughout the site launching process.

Thirdly, reveal all the information and news in your brand’s voice. Make use of high quality images so that users feel good while visiting the page.

Fourthly, connect your “coming soon” page with the social media platform so that your friends and followers can visit the page.

Lastly, including a media kit on the “coming soon” page will make it easier for press to contact you. The media kit should include all the basics like logos, contact information, a FAQ section, and a summary of media coverage.

Create Social Media Profiles

If you think that creating social media profiles before site launch is difficult, you are wrong. The best way to engage audience is to share some great content along with your profiles on the popular social media sites. Ensure you have complete profiles on all the biggies like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and GooglePlus. Connect each of your profile with the coming soon page so that customers can follow your social media presence and get updates about your site launch.

Keep 10 Blog Posts Ready

Rich and informative content can generate tons of traffic to your website, even when it is new. Therefore, it is important to keep your high quality content ready so that the moment your site gets launched, you can publish them on your site. You can also think of starting a blog pre-launch. This will help you add fresh content, and build up proper SEO authority.

Keep Your WebPages Ready

You will need multiple web pages within your site, so it is better to start with creating all the pages from now. Don’t forget to include rich content on all the pages because that will attract your visitors towards your business. Make sure you have created optimized pages for every possible aspect of your business. When you will go live, search engines will index all your pages properly and will give you better ranking.

Post Guest Blogs and Build Links

Producing some great work and sharing them with audiences will help you get links. Guest blogging is fast and is a powerful way to generate traffic to your site. It also helps you build credibility of your site.

Sign up for Core Sites

The core sites include; Google Plus, Yelp, Bing Places and best of the web.

Do Remember To Monitor Your Results

The time just after the site launch is crucial to your success. This is the time to monitor your traffic and analyze your results with metrics. Ensure to have a great launch strategy.

Final Thoughts

To get better ranking and high traffic, all you need is an optimized site. Not just optimized, you need to work on it and put in your best effort. If you are a newbie, make sure you work with Dedicated SEO Expert, so that you can have a great pre-launch SEO strategy.

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