How To Organize An Effective Competitor Analysis For Search?

Published On: February 17, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

In order to rank high in Google search engine and stand up against the competitors, the best you can do is figure out what your competitors are doing or what will be their next step. When it comes to Google search engine ranking, it is necessary to research about your competitors. To achieve your client’s SEO goals, you should know where you stand in relation to your competitors. This will surely help you plan effectual business strategies and set realistic expectations.

Some common questions like who are your competitors, where do they publish content, what are their driving force, how are they planning their strategies; are needed to be answered. This will serve as a driving force in your optimization strategy. A proper competitor analysis can help you out in achieving maximum profit and better ranking in the search engine. Though it is a time-consuming endeavor, performing the task will help you achieve success within a short span of time. Following a few steps will let you analyze your competitors in a simpler way.

Find Out What Your Client Is Looking For

Success of a proper competitor analysis depends on how well it helps client in achieving their primary goal. Whether it is enhancing brand perception, obtaining new leads, driving traffic for higher conversions or anything else, one thing is for sure and i.e.; success must be measurable.

Accurate reporting of success metrics is required for communicating with the clients. Mistakes in data interpretation can result in instant letdown. This is the reason why it is important to find out the client’s objective during the initial stage and ensure to keep this point in mind during analysis.

Determining your Contenders

When creating a competitor analysis, it is crucial to find out the driving force behind those websites that are ranking high in the search results. Research on what your client wants to rank in the search page and create the analysis around that particular prospective.

It may happen that your client will suggest some keywords that are worth targeting. You should prepare yourself so that you can provide some guidance. In recent years, choosing keywords has become more complex.

Earlier you may have written much content focusing on keyword phrase, but now it is important to choose topics that interest audiences and prepare your keyword strategy around that.

Determine which topics are relevant for your client’s website, and then start with keyword research, centering on those topics. After you are done with keyword list, identify your client’s top 10 competitors for each keyword. Start with a search for each target keyword and note down the name of those websites which appear on the first page of Google search results.

Basically, we will be creating an initial list of competitors that can later be narrowed down to include the names of the biggest threats.

Indexed Pages

It is imperative to find out how many indexed pages are there because the more indexed pages, the more Google will crawl the website. Performing a site search within the search box will let you find out the number of websites indexed in Google or Bing. Indexed pages impact crawling, and not rankings. Higher numbers of indexed pages do not mean that the site is impossible to beat. Discovering the number of indexed pages will help you have an idea of what you are up to and what should be your future strategy to stand up against your competitors.

Review Your Competitor’s Link Profiles

Do you know how many inbound links your competitors have? If not, then find it out and also find out from where they are coming. If your competitor is having 300,000 links, what are those links doing? It may happen that sites having so many links are of no use and they can result in penalty.

Henceforth, your responsibility is to find out healthy links ratio, and Google friendly link building strategy of your competitors. If your competitor is using bad link profile, you should choose the healthier one to rank well in the search engine.


By checking out your competitor’s website, you will be helpful in building an effective strategy for your business. Keep on analyzing your competitor’s site and come up with amazing end result for your business.

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