How to Start Measuring Online Marketing Metrics in 2015

Published On: January 20, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Have you distributed the marketing campaign you have been working on for several days and now moving on to the next project? Wait! Before you completely turn to the new task, do consider reviewing the response to the digital marketing work you just put forth!

If you invest in the business’s marketing part, it makes a perfect sense to know how those dollars are impacting sales & ROI. However, marketing and ROI goes hand-in-hand. Don’t miss out on a large chunk of the marketing returns; start tracking your digital marketing channels!

The Most Popular Digital Marketing Channels

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Advertising

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How to Track the Digital Marketing Channels?

Here’re the 7 tools that are extremely helpful in tracking the digital marketing channels…

1. Facebook Insights

If you are a beginner in using Facebook pages as a marketing tool, then it’s a must for you to try Facebook Insights – Facebook’s free analytics tool. It directly monitors and views how many people view your social media posts, the number of clicks each of your posts receives, and how many times people are sharing your posts. Facebook Insights also offer a breakdown of the demographics of your page’s Facebook network.

2. LinkedIn Insights

The built-in analytics on LinkedIn offer its users a closer look at who is visiting your company’s LinkedIn page. Its work-focused audience analysis highlights a page visitor’s job rank, industry, job function, company size, the amount of impressions and new followers each day.

3. Google Analytics

Does your website lack any form of analytics? Do add a Google Analytics code to it right now! It’s a fantastic measuring platform because it’s free and tracks almost everything from audience demographics to referral sources! Get the solid breakdown of how people are finding your website, what’s getting the most attention and the amount of time they spend on your website. The best benefit is that it tracks traffic patterns within the website!

4. Email Analytics

The essential tracking tools with email analytics such as A/B subject line testing, open rates, and click rates help to determine what you should adjust for your upcoming email campaigns.

5. Hootsuite

Since Twitter allows its users to interact with whomever they choose and have a look at a number of tweets distributed each second, it’s no wonder one of the most popular and busiest social media outlets. On a similar line, Hootsuite helps to better grasp what people are talking about, especially who’s talking about your business and how many clicks are being received by the links you share.

6. YouTube Analytics

YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform; why not make its use for growing the business? You can track when & from where the video is being watched, how long viewers watch a video for and how many likes/comments each video receives.

7. QR Codes Scans

Mobile media is perhaps the most effective channel tracked by using QR Codes such as QReate and Track! They enable you to keep a track of when the audience is scanning them, from where, and from which mobile devices. This is the best way to know where the most responsive audiences are and which devices are most popularly used.

Trust us, there’s nothing better than being able to use the tracking tools to empower your future digital marketing campaigns!

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