How To Track Key Performance Indicators And Conversions ?

Published On: September 11, 2015Categories: Digital Marketing

Selling something is a sensitive thing. Even a small thing can make a large difference; making the sale or losing it. Visitors can go through hundreds of states before the final conversion. This is where micro conversions drop in!

Micro Conversions Are All about Changing A Visitor’s State From One Thing To Another.

Micro conversions are the activities that users frequently engage in before they actually decide to purchase anything. Before you think on improving the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns, it’s imperative to track conversions. Understanding conversions is always important for a business’s success. And if your business is sales-oriented, tracking micro conversions becomes critically essential – how many signups have been successful for your email newsletter or how many accounts have been created.

Usually, sites can have several kinds of micro conversions. It’s therefore important to set up at least two or three goals, including Email signup, account creation, PDF downloading, and extensive site browsing.

Are You Paying Close Attention To Those Micro Conversions On Your Website?

If Not, Then Well, You’re Leaving A Lot Of Potential Income On The Table.

Why Not Use The Full Potential Of The Behavioral Data When Your Visitors Are Offering It Readily?

Understanding your site’s micro conversions means discovering why a majority of your customers walk away from the site without any activity. Rather than just focusing on increasing the 2% conversion rate, it’s immensely beneficial to look into the micro conversions deeper and ultimately improve your website and business.

Why Tracking Micro Conversions Is Important?

    • It shows you what visitors are doing before completing your primary macro conversion
    • It helps you find better ways to serve customers at each stage of their buying cycle
    • It makes you aware of the distractions that lead to conversion bleed
    • It simply shows you all the reasons why people are on your website
    • It helps you find the key to maximum lifetime customer value
    • It aids to discover new opportunities for optimization, get new test ideas, and quickly spot the problems that are preventing your visitors from converting
    • It’s a great tactic for websites with little/no traffic and/or few conversions

After all, understanding your customers’ state of minds at each step of the buying cycle is all it takes to turn unknown visitors into your greatest advocates. Though the process is time consuming, the more people you engage with, the stronger your business will be. Measuring micro conversions helps a lot!Feel free to get in touch with our Digital Marketing Expert

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