Making Speed a Crucial Part of Your Traffic and Conversion Strategy

Published On: January 26, 2016Categories: Digital Marketing

Speed always makes a difference to the success of your online business, but few people focus on this strategy and this is where they lack behind. If you can increase the speed of your website, both traffic and conversion of your online business will increase.
Declining attention span is one of the reasons why there is found a decline in online transactions. If you are running an online business, ensure you make speed a priority as it can instantly increase your traffic and conversions. Here are few tips for you:

Optimize Load Time of Site

The first step towards ensuring faster experience is to optimize your site load time. Website speed plays a crucial role in determining whether people will stay on your site or not.

All you need to increase the speed of your webpage is a better host, compress images, disable unnecessary plug-ins, using CDN and so on. Focusing on these points will definitely perk up the speed of your webpage, resulting in increase of traffic and conversion.

Go Mobile: These days, people use mobile more than desktop and laptop. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly site of your website because there are more mobile internet users. Optimizing your site to be responsive for all devices will deliver a faster website to mobile users.

Make Use Of A Completeness Meter: Research shows that people love to have a progress bar when using a website. Issues can happen anytime and people are more likely to leave your website and this is when you need a completeness meter. A completeness meter will let users know how longer they will have to wait before the issue is resolved; because they are likely to continue with their transaction on their site.

Reduce Signup Forms and Pages:

Apart from site load time, something that matters the most is sign up forms and check out pages. If you want users to respond more to your offer, its better you reduce the number of forms and sign ups as that what irritates users the most.

Optimize customer support response time: last but not the least; you should optimize your customer support response time. Research says that people expect brands to respond fast when reaching to them on Twitter. Basically people want you to respond within 24 hours to their emails. Customers can ruin the reputation of your business if they are not satisfied with the service you are providing.

No matter what, you should always maintain a quality attitude to speed even after people become your customers. Don’t let customer’s soil your reputation. Hire dedicated SEO Expert to take a look of the factors that affect the speed of your site

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