Now You Can Move a Google Analytics Property Between Accounts

Published On: September 20, 2016Categories: Google Updates

The marketing arena is pretty much aware what Google Analytics is. Giving a brief, Google Analytics is a service offered by Google, to be able to track website traffic. It is one of the most popularly used tools worldwide to gauge website performance. An effective analytical tool, that helps get customer data together so that an organization can experiment, gain intelligence and build strategies to accelerate business performance.

Brand new Analytics Solution: By Google

Google has now come up with an Analytics solution that states “Google analytical property now can be moved between Google Accounts”. It is a brand new feature that has been released with an aim to provide world class digital analytics data; Google anticipates the new feature to be useful to upgrade user’s organization of respective analytics accounts.

What are properties?

Properties are nothing but resources which help in, accumulating data namely from websites, mobile applications, or electronic devices like Kiosks or devices used at the point of sale.

Advantages of the property moving feature between accounts

Up gradation or release of a new feature comes with a bundle of advantages, as they aim at getting the existing tool more efficient. This new feature enables Analytics 360 users to now consolidate multiple resources into one single account, with the following benefits:

  • a) Same set of filters can be applied to the views in multiple properties.
  • b) Property views can be easily managed in a single account.
  • c) Change history can be made use for viewing all events from all properties on the same platform

The above features will bring ease to website owners, who have their Google Analytics outsourced to have complete control .With moving property benefit now properties can be easily migrated from one account to another.

How to actually move a property

All that is required in order to be able to move a Google property from one account to the other is

(a) Have access to both accounts

(b) have edit and manage users permission.

The arrival of property moving feature is beneficial, as it allows Analytics 360 users to consolidate properties to one single account and have a close check on all properties under a single account. Google Analytics Property moving feature makes it easy to apply similar set of filters to migrated data, so it is a hassle free migration with benefits.

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