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Published On: May 23, 2018Categories: Digital Marketing, SEO Services

Early this year, Facebook broke some bad news. Well, it had gotten organic research choked to make it tougher for brands to reach its desired set of audience. As a result, marketers will now pay attention to SEM to regain the lost attention. Well, and the problem is that there already is too much competition, that has made it difficult to generate desired PPC. However, optimizing conversion rates is primarily the quickest method to improve AdWords efficiency. It gives some scope to test approaches and enhance Returns on Investment without expanding target keywords, the campaign or budget.

To make this a little easy, here we go with top 3 approaches that will be helpful in generating better conversions and results for the year 2018 and beyond.

Optimization of keyword Quality Score

The entire Google model is based on providing the most relevant results to online searches. The same applies for organic results with AdWords as well. To work this out, Google assigns quality scores (QS). This quality score along with the cost per click bid is what determines the “Ad Rank.”

Here are the 3 most important elements that determine the QS –

Ad relevancy (By which we mean the relevancy of keywords to the ad copy)
The Landing Page Experience
Expected CTR (Click – Through Rate)
Several PPC experts consider CTR to be the deciding factor for QS. So, when you aim to optimize the QS, don’t forget to begin with CTR.

At the same time, it is inevitable to analyze the keyword relevancy with the campaign. Check if the Ad copy is aligned with the search relate keyword.

It also is a great practice to create separate Ad Groups for different keywords. Also addressed as single keyword Ad Group, this is where you will be able to cater to the intent of specific researchers instead of a larger group.

2. Smarter Remarketing

When it is the question of AdWords, high bounce rates are a reality. Users that end up on the landing page are at various stages in the customer journey. For example, a CTA mentioned for a demo will be of no use to a person who is still trying to understand the basics.

Well, to capture such missed opportunities, it is wise to implement remarketing to cross-sell & reduce chances of “down-sell” bounced visitors. Let’s elaborate it more using the same example stated in the above point. When you are offering a demo of a software to a visitor who is still in the initial awareness stage, this method would not be very effective as they would require something that can answer their questions better.

To work out such situations and keep the interest on, its wise to offer an eBook that could teach your prospects ways to overcome challenges. This step will help visitors get educated on how the product makes life easy.

Off course there are various challenges but they all differ depending on the personas of customer segments. Therefore, it’s need of the hour to personalize and add some creativity to ads where ever possible and necessary.

Retargeting in such situations is a good technique to implement as it allows and gives a wider scope to capture lead information that would be lost otherwise, in the race for boosting CVR & the overall ROI of ad campaigns.

Below are a few tips that can be of value for remarketing ads to be able to capture attention of lost leads.

Test various lead magnets: Different personas and various customer types tend to respond indifferently to forms of media. It’s important to do the split-test of your remarketing ads to offer an e-book & webinar. Be keen on keeping a track of which format works the best in terms of highest conversions and double down.

Name – drop Influencers: When you work with reputed influencers in the industry, consider including them in the remarketing ads. This element is a great way to increase the trust quotient.

Use of dynamic targeting: Its wise to serve specific ads to different set of audience segment. Stay tuned for more on this.

1.The power of Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence & machine learning vouches for higher – performing market at pace. From an AdWords point of view, this denotes automated bid and budget management done using larger amount of data than a human can handle, to make Realtime adjustments.

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