Quick Tips to Avoid Being the Target of Hackers

Published On: August 17, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

When you publish anything online, the first concern that should come to your mind is “the security of your content”. The digital world poses several hacking threats and getting hacked can adversely affect your brand’s online reputation. Hacking might also cause the loss of private and critical data, which is certainly not affordable for your business. While Google has noticed a 180% increase in the number of sites getting hacked lately, it has become necessary to take some critical steps to avoid getting hacked and protect online content, thereby.

The NoHacked campaign focuses on how to protect your site from hacking and offers some better insights into how actually hacking campaigns work. Here we come up with the quick tips to keep your site off hacking, safe on the web.

Strengthen Your Account Security

Create a complex password that’s difficult to crack or hack – a mixture of letters, numbers, symbols, or a passphrase
The longer your password, the harder it will be to guess
Never enter your actual password on other sites
Turn on “2-Factor Authentication” for accounts that offer this service

Keep Your Site’s Software Updated

Make sure that you periodically check your site for any outdated software, especially updates that patch security holes
If you’re using a web server such as Apache, nginx, or commercial web server software, it’s necessary to keep your web server software patched
Avoid reusing passwords across services
Sign up to the security announcement lists for your web server software and your CMS, if you use one
Completely remove add-ons or software that you don’t need on your website

Research How Your Hosting Provider Handles Security Issues

If you’re using a hosting provider, check out for the on-demand support to clean up site-specific problems
Make sure that your web server and content management software are patched and up to date

Use Google Tools To Stay Informed Of Potential Hacked Content On Your Site

Find out the tools that help you proactively monitor your site
Sign up for the Google Search Console
Set up a Google Alert for notifications about any suspicious results about the site
Set up multiple alerts for your site for different spammy terms; Google helps you search for common spammy terms

These tips are definitely of great help if you need to take precautions about hacking on the web.

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