Remarketing – A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Published On: September 10, 2013Categories: PPC

Remarketing is a powerful technique to promote the products and services to the potential customers in an elegant manner. It allows displaying ads to users for the products or services that they have already searched for. It helps to reach out to the potential customers that were not converted on their earlier visit. Remarketing is an extension in our marketing strategy for displaying ads with offers and discounts to the customers whom you are targeting and motivate them to purchase your products or services, thus increasing overall conversion rate.

Remarketing is also referred as “Behavioral Targeting”, which works exceptionally well with all kinds of special offers and discount for the products and services. It is a low risk display option, boosting brand searches and site engagement. Google Adwords creates a unique platform for remarketing of products and services to the potential customers and as a result, it turns out to be the most essential features of digital marketing.


Why Remarketing?

  • 1.Give a chance to re-engage customer with intent of converting them to a sale
  • 2.Offer exposure of products with specific brand for higher conversion rate, subsequently increasing the chance of future sale with faster ROI.
  • 3.Create customized list for specific part of your website to target the potential customers


Remarketing Strategies

  • Create an Effective Campaign: Developing effective campaign will help to entice the potential customers for buying other products. For example, if a customer is purchasing a bed through online, then you can remarket with offers for bed cushion, bed sheet, pillow, and pillow covers.
  • Scheduling Retargeting Customers: For retargeting the potential customers, it is necessary to schedule necessary activities. The reason behind is that almost 95% customers visiting your website goes away without making any purchase and 65% customers leave their item in the shopping cart. One of the best remarketing techniques is reminding the customer about the items left within 7 days, 15 days or 30 days, providing attractive deals.
  • Know your Customer: Identifying your customer is the most important aspect of successful remarketing. This will help to predict your customers comfort and likings, generating good traffic to your website.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness: It is the best remarketing techniques for driving prospective customers to your website. Creating attractive ads and offers can boost the visibility of the website.
  • Create Ads to Target Specific Customers: Let suppose, you are a fashion designer and want to target people at an age group of 20-30 years, repeatedly keep on displaying your ads so that people remember your brand while making the purchase. Words like “Life Time Warranty”, “Easy EMI Option”, and “Free Delivery” can easily attract the audience attentions.
  • Reach out to Customer 24/7: For effective remarketing, it is necessary to reach the potential customers 24/7 (365 days), as customers prefer browsing online, rather visiting stores in-person
  • Cost Effective: Online remarketing costs less as compared to visiting retail stores or outlets. It will also show variety of products with EMI options.

With the above mentioned strategies, you will definitely drive good traffic to your website with a positive intent towards sales. Because of remarketing strategies, people who have already visited your website and shown keen interest in products/services will surely convert into new sale with a faster return on investment.

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