Remote dedicated development teams are need of the hour

Published On: September 4, 2018Categories: Software Development

Reasons why start-ups, small and mid-sized companies should hire remote dedicated development teams.

As the owner of a small business, a founder of a fledgling startup or the CEO of an established mid-sized company, you probably have to multi-task all the time. From engaging with investors to brand management to managing your marketing efforts to overseeing the development of a new product, you have to don multiple hats. The question to ask is – do you have too many things on your table which is preventing you from focusing on your core business goals. If you’ve answered in the affirmative, it is time you considered outsourcing some of your non-core functions to an experienced provider.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, an increasing number of small and mid-sized companies are beginning to outsource their non-core functions. In this survey, 78% of companies have had a positive experience with outsourcing with 72% of companies outsourcing atleast one or more of their IT functions, including software development. Primary reasons to outsource software development include:

  • Cost effectiveness – 59% of companies said remote software development teams are less expensive and provide more bang for the buck.
  • Sharpened focus on core business goals – 57% of companies responded saying outsourcing enables them to better focus and align internal resources to work towards core business goals.
  • Capacity issues – 47% of companies said outsourcing cloud-based IT development helped them resolve their capacity issues.

So what is a remote dedicated development team?

Simply put, a dedicated development team is a group of IT professionals, software developers, sometimes account managers and quality assurance specialists, working remotely on one or multiple development projects for a SINGLE client. A remote dedicated development team can act as an extension of your internal development team or work as a stand-alone unit if your business does not employ in-house developers. This approach can also be best suited for clients whose in-house developers lack necessary skills for a particular development project, instead of hiring a new developer and reinventing the wheel, they can simply engage a remote dedicated development team at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of hiring a remote  dedicated development team.

Cost effectiveness: According to an article published in U.S.News, software developers had a median salary of $100,800 in 2016 with the lowest paid developers earning $58,300. Hiring a remote dedicated development team costs a fraction of this amount and includes multiple developers with varied skill sets. Furthermore, it does not entail you to bear additional expenses of benefits, sick days, training etc thus making it a very cost effective option.

Flexible approach: The company providing dedicated development teams maintains and large and skilled talent pool of developers. Thus, dedicated teams are highly flexible and can be scaled up quickly with zero to minimal disruption to ongoing work. Direct interaction with the team also provides clients with better visibility and ability to change direction as required.

Collaborative engagement : For a remote dedicated development team, your project takes precedence over everything else. They are committed to keep you abreast at every stage of your project and complete your project in a way that exceeds your expectations. These teams provide regular updates on the project status using project management tools like Basecamp, Slack, JIRA, Skype, Go To Meeting etc. and this makes for a collaborative engagement between you and your remote developers providing you greater control and visibility.

Ownership of projects: The dedicated development team fully understands your business goals and project deliverables and the team’s complete dedication to a client’s project ensure maximum efficiency and complete ownership of projects. By working devotedly and assuming full ownership, dedicated development teams make a significant contribution to your company and increase your returns.

Latest technology: A dedicated development team is well versed in the latest updates, products and technologies available and uses these while working on your project. This in turn ensures the product delivered is of the highest quality and will likely not require any further upgrades anytime soon.

Team solidarity: Despite not working on your premises, your remote team of dedicated developers is briefed and fully understands your company values, ethos and culture. They see and feel themselves as a part of your company and share the belief of working towards a mutual goal. Infact, a recent Deloitte survey found 78% of companies have had a positive experience with outsourcing and have formed relationships with their remote teams similar to those they have with in-house staff.

Hiring a remote dedicated development team provides you with instant access to highly skilled and experienced pool of developers at a fraction of the cost required to hire a full time developer in your company. If you haven’t decided to hire a remote team, it is worthwhile to remember a remote dedicated team can be a valuable long term investment and can significantly contribute to the well being and growth of your company.

Depending on your requirements, we can quickly assemble a team of experienced developers, account managers and quality assurance specialists to help you turn your idea into a product in the shortest possible time. Contact us today and let us know your needs!

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