Social Media Marketing Tips for 2018

Published On: June 1, 2018Categories: Social Media Marketing

Increase in the use of internet with device proliferation has risen the worth and importance of social media. We often get to surf a lot of information over the internet that guides us about the trending tips and methods to do well on the platform for various reasons and businesses. Today, we like to take this topic a bit niche and explore tips recommended especially for the financial services sector. The approach of social media marketing cannot be the same throughout. With the shift in industry it is inevitable for digital marketers to think and act in a way.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are associated with the finance industry or not. You are bound to be aware of things like, marketing for finance is no child’s play. It is a fact that financial services are tangled with tons of regulations and the expectation of a professional approach. When we talk about money, it’s important to build that level of trust in the market. So, today let’s make use of this platform and get familiar with the top 5 ways to conquer social media marketing for the financial services sector.

Here we go.

Content Marketing and Social Media have the potential to accelerate the old school financial marketing efforts, with a focus to deliver finer customer relationships keeping in mind shorter sales cycles.

Reality Check

– Selling financial services in this era is not easy. It demands more of a story line, stronger personality and off course a personal touch. And moreover, doing so is important as newer financial services brands are making complete utilization of technology, social media and other internet platforms to stay ahead and be tough competition.

Let’s get started with the tips for the year 2018
#1 – Stay Unique with Instagram
Digital marketers have been talking about Instagram for being one of the most vital social media networks for a range of businesses. It is almost next to Facebook. Trust us it holds more truth now than ever. Today, Instagram already has about 1 million plus active users.

On comparison grounds, Instagram shows more potential to financial marketers on the Social media platform. The engagement quotient on Instagram for business is often observed to be higher in quality as compared to Facebook.

Moreover, Instagram does not have a paralyzing amount of marketing content like Facebook. On the contrary Instagram with time has transitioned from being a photo sharing platform to a conversation-based place on Social media that is perfect for likeminded people and groups.

#2 – Don’t Forget Facebook

Facebook lately has made a lot of changes to the news feed section. These changes continue to be on the long-term trend making the organic show up weak.

But now that’s not the case. Facebook now strategizes on using more of Facebook ads.

#3- Keep a watch on Linked

Linked is the chief player when it comes to financial marketers. Especially, professionals like agents and advisors who are on the quest of connecting with new and old customers in a professional way, but still via social media.

In recent times, LinkedIn is shifting its interest and networking more like the Facebook pattern. Well, this indicates that its time to pay more attention to the changes LinkedIn is making as they can be vouched for better opportunities to stand out.

#4 – Don’t miss out on YouTube

We usually tend to overlook the importance of YouTube because of platforms like Instagram & Facebook. They are known to dominate. But its time to understand the impact of YouTube, since the parent company is Google, the chances of ranking better on search engine traffic increases.

The potential of videos to build trust and educate new and potential customers is commendable. So, remember, Facebook and YouTube are two best channels for finance videos. Its important to have a strategy, to strike a balance & understand what your customers like and what are they searching.

YouTube indeed is a full force option that can be used wisely for marketing finance related business. But the truth is that, not a lot in the finance industry are using YouTube to its full advantage.

#5 – It’s Time to Not Ignore the Most Essential Aspects of Your Brand

It’s time the financial sectors start taking social media seriously for successful marketing efforts. The growing popularity and increasing number of users on Facebook, Google and more are changing the entire concept of marketing.

Its time to focus on the social media platform, to have a better data base of loyal and new customers.

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