Still Confused About Schema? Explore Here

Published On: November 7, 2017Categories: SEO Services is mysterious. Well! That is what, it is always thought to be. To many, schema is a confusing source of information. As digital marketing experts, even we came across issues like missing examples, difficulties explaining the item properties search engines require and so on. However, once the intimidating was got past, an incredibly empowering & useful tool came into existence. Once you learn the art of leveraging it, becomes an essential tool, and a must have in your SEO tool box.

A Structured Data Toolbox

The most important thing before beginning any journey is to get hold of the map, to have a guided journey that leads to the desired destination. Similarly, regarding structured data there are a tiny set of different guiding resources. They are tiny, but very useful.

Let us begin one by one with the guiding stars –

The most prominent & effective are Google’s structured data features guides. Structured data basically is a standard format, used to provide information about a page & categorising the content. For example – a cooking page will have information like, ingredients, temperature, cooking instructions and so on.

These guides are prearranged with the help of different structured data markups, explicitly used by Google. To make stuff easy, useful examples are provided with required item properties.

Pro tip – Incase if any item types mentioned in the feature guide seem relevant to your website, stay alert and do not miss on annotating these elements. To make more fun and rewarding we are pleased to share this amazingly fantastic Structured Data Markup Generator. This basically has a list of top markups that are very useful and user friendly. This tool can be a great stepping stone to begin with markups, it also can prove to fantastic for people who are looking for reverse-engineering markups.

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