Successful Tips on App Store Optimization

Published On: March 21, 2016Categories: Mobile Marketing

With so many apps out there, few of them follow the right steps to optimize the search. The best possible method to get easily discovered is App Store Optimization or ASO. ASO is a method or a way to ensure your apps meet the app store ranking criteria and rises to the top of the search results page.

But, what do you think is the exact method for better discoverability in app store?

To help you strengthen your app marketing strategy, we have created a list that includes top 10 tips on how to maximize app store optimization the best way. Keep on reading

Understand Your Customers and Your Competitors

Before you start with your strategy, understanding your customers and your competition will benefit you. A well-formed ASO strategy focuses on understanding how customers work and what they look out for in an app store. It is always recommended to think from a customer’s perspective as that will help you build your business the better way. Start with asking yourself a few questions like:

    • What language do my customers use?
    • What is my USP?
    • What keywords do my competitors target?
    • Should I target obvious keywords or less obvious keywords?

Your ASO strategy should start with putting yourself in customer’s shoes. Your objective should be to improve discovery in app store searches and target keywords that generate more traffic.

It is equally important to review your competition to find out their targeted keywords. This will help you determine whether or not it makes sense to target these same keywords.

Choosing the perfect App name

Selecting an appropriate name for your app is not a matter of branding. To achieve good results, it is crucial to include relevant keywords within your title. Titles in the app store should be up to 255 characters. It is better to use URL friendly characters so that you can target your customers easily.

Maximizing Keywords

The App store and Google Play Store have two different approaches when it comes to ASO strategy.

• Google Play

Instead of putting many keywords into the text, it is better to sprinkle relevant keywords. A recent study says that the optimal number of times to repeat a keyword is five.

• The App Store

The App store has only 100 character keyword field. Therefore, it is important to use all the allotted characters and research your keywords carefully to generate more traffic.

Create a Powerful Description

Description plays a significant role in generating traffic. Your app description should be targeted towards your customers so that they feel good while going through the post. The description is generally viewed as call to action for the potential customers. It should be treated as a living document. Updating the description on regular basis is really important. Write something relevant so that the customers can relate to it.

Create a Unique Icon

As your potential customers will browse endless list of apps, your aim should be to deliver something new and refreshing. The best you can do is adding a unique icon as that may attract customers in large numbers. For iOS icons, the icon size should be at least 1024 x 1024 pixels and not more than that.

Localize App Listing

When it comes to global marketing, it is not right to focus only on one sector of population. If your audience goes beyond the English speaking world, you should consider adapting language and mode of communication as per the needs of each audience segment. It is always better to speak to the customers in the language they use the most. Both the iTunes App store and Google Play store will allow you to localize your listing so that you can reach to your customers fast.

Include Videos and Screenshots

To make your app more visible, why not insert relevant videos and screenshots? Like icons, screenshots will help in generating more traffic. You can upload up to five screen shots for an I OS app and up to eight for an Android app. Make sure that the screenshots are strong enough to attract readers so that they browse and download them if they want to. The screen shots should show off your app’s feature in a smarter way.

Outside Promotion

You should never ever forget the fact that on-page optimization is only one tool in your marketing kit. The more traffic you generate, the higher it will rank in search results. Therefore, it is important to create an online presence of your app with social media, content, reviews and investing in online advertising. App indexing is considered as another effective strategy for driving in traffic. App indexing is the method of making Android or iOS app content linkable from a mobile web search.

Update Frequently

No matter what you do to make your apps better, the most important thing that you should do is updating your apps frequently. If your apps are frequently updated, customers will see your app and automatically it will get better ranking in search results. Do not forget to update your apps on frequent basis.

Following these tips will help you move to the right direction. App store optimization is an ongoing process and is continually evolving. A successful app store optimization strategy requires perfect mindset, proper analytics, and regular check-ins. Vidushi experts are here to assist you and give you the best app store optimization service.

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