Switch to Remarketing & Turn the Prospective Customers into Conversions

Published On: October 14, 2014Categories: SMO

Imagine, you’re offering an exciting service package; users visit the website, browse the offers/deals and even think of hiring you. But, if they find your packages relatively expensive as compared to the online competitors, they may turn back and choose some other business. However, if you want to declare discount sales later, what’s the way to reach the same visitors who had already expressed interest in you? Remarketing! Remarketing is an online display advertising strategy to target those visitors who have left the site without converting and thus, are most likely receptive to relevant ads. They might have surfed over the Internet and tried lots of other sites. The primary aim of remarketing is to show up ads reinforcing your messages to engage past visitors further. Here’re the top 4 reasons why you should consider remarketing.

  • To Keep the Conversation Going: It’s a fact that around 50% of customers who buy things online keep surfing the respective site almost 4 times before purchasing anything. This is where remarketing should precisely be placed. While your visitors and past customers continue their online search for a desired products or services, remarketing ads make them repeatedly come back to make the final purchase from your website.
  • To Grow Brand Awareness: Delivering relevant ads to audience at the right time is the key to successful remarketing. When ads are used to retarget past visitors or customers, they generate chances to get connected to the past, existing as well as potential audience for every buying cycle they process; ultimately improving brand loyalty and online presence.
  • Increase Website Conversions: Remarketing is the best methodology that offers a unique platform to identify the exact reasons preventing the anticipated sale. It also delivers the messages that address the sales barriers. Remarketing is the only dynamic technique that can invite potential customers while they’re still in their buying cycle.
  • To Let Your Marketing Budget Go Further: Remarketing is an extremely cost effective way to improve brand awareness and reinforce your sales messages. Running an effective PPC (Pay per click) campaign increases the brand exposure at relatively lower costs. It is surprisingly cost-effective, when compared to other forms of display advertising, which make it extremely appealing for advertisers.

Out of hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to your site, merely 5-10% can actually converts into customers. It clearly means that a larger number of people generally move on and may never return. However, a well designed, perfectly planned remarketing campaign can definitely engage the prospective customers which will truly enable you to deliver messages to the right people, at the right time. For turn-key, reliable assistance in remarketing, get in touch with Vidushi’s Digital Marketing Expert Today!

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